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SMEs, mid-size firms can pivot nimbly to a greater cause

SMEs, mid-size firms can pivot nimbly to a greater cause

Speakers: Dr Rashimah Rajah 23 Dec 2022

Most SMEs and mid-size firms tend to prioritise short-term goals related to survival and profit-making. However, Dr Rashimah Rajah, Lecturer at NUS Business School’s Department of Management and Organisation, highlights that society increasingly expects all companies – including SMEs and mid-size firms – to pursue more impactful long-term goals for the good of humanity, above and beyond traditional profit objectives. In view of this, Dr Rajah contends that smaller firms should also prioritise leadership, talent fit, digital transformation, and sustainability strategies to be future-ready. She adds that most SMEs and mid-size companies can take small practical steps in the right direction by identifying existing business practices that can be improved, and using their existing resources and networks to take their efforts up a notch.

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