23 August 2021
Unpacking Israel, the start-up nation

Themed ‘Unpacking the Start-up Nation: Society, Heritage, Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship’, the e-STEER Israel programme immersed more than 80 undergraduates in the diverse socio-political, cultural and economic environment of the country.

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Joint Virtual Immersion Prog
16 July 2021
Joint Virtual Immersion Programme: Economic and Technological Developments of East Asia and Singapore

Close to 70 students from NUS, Chongqing University, Chinese University of Hong Kong and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University came together virtually and attended an immersion programme. The programme was jointly organised by the 4 universities.


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7 October 2020
Partial Suspension of SEP
Latest COVID-19-related updates about the Student Exchange Programme (SEP) in AY 2020/21 Semester 2.
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Sneha lyer
NUS Business School

I learnt a lot about globalisation in classes, but when you travel and see it live, it really hits you harder, and hits you straight.
James Glover
King's College London

NUS is like my home away from home.
Arlene Mae Miron
The Western University Ontario

Learning and fun memories, that’s what I am bringing back home.