Summer Programmes at NUS

**Important Update on COVID-19**

Most of the summer programmes at NUS in 2021 will be conducted virtually (online), with a handful being offered as physical programmes in Singapore (on-site).

International participants of the on-site summer programmes at NUS will be provided with additional information about travelling to Singapore after they have applied for the respective programme. Additionally, the latest information about border and health control measures is available on the website of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA; agency of the Singapore government that manages border control / entry).

NOC Enterprise Summer Programme in Entrepreneurship

If you are considering a short study abroad experience during your summer break, what better way than to immerse yourself in one of the most exciting and culturally-diverse countries in the world! NUS offers a selection of summer programmes here in Singapore to cater to the various academic and personal interests that you may have.

*Note - These programmes are open to both visiting students as well as full-time NUS students.

2021 Summer Programmes at NUS


  • Unit 1: Building Abstractions with Functions 
    • 8 May to 5 June 2021
  • Unit 2: Building Abstractions with Data (held concurrently with unit 3)
    • 12 July to 28 July 2010 
  • Unit 3: Imperative Programming 
    • 12 July to 28 July 2021 
  • Unit 4: Beyond Conventional Programming
    • 4 December 2021 to 2 January 2022

SICP is a progressive programme, participants are required to pass unit 1 before they can proceed to other units. Participants will be awarded a certificate upon the completion of each unit and will receive an overall programme completion certificate upon completion of all 4 units.



Questions ? 

Refer to the respective programme webpages listed above for additional details and contact information.