Study Trips For Engagement & EnRichment (STEER)

The NUS Study Trips for Engagement and EnRichment (STEER) is a programme designed to familiarise students with the diverse socio-cultural-economic environments of new and fast-evolving regions through a mix of classroom-based learning and experiential site visits. Inaugurated in December 2010, the STEER programme has expanded to include countries in Southeast Asia (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam), Asia (China, India, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan), Central America (Costa Rica, Panama), Latin America (Brazil), the Middle East (Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates), Eastern Europe (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia) and Southern Africa (Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe).

NUS STEER programmes are designed to be thematic and help our undergraduates break existing mindsets about these emerging regions through participation in an immersive educational and cultural experience.

In 2017, more than 270 students returned from our STEER programmes with rich experiences and deeper first-hand knowledge of the countries they visited. This year, STEER aims to continue bringing students to exciting destinations in Southeast Asia, Asia, Central Asia and Southeastern Europe. Look out for more details below!

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  • STEER China (Yunnan)
  • STEER India
  • STEER Middle East
  • STEER Myanmar
  • STEER Nepal
  • STEER Sail III
  • STEER Taiwan
  • STEER Thailand

STEER Homecoming Event

Biannually, in February and August, GRO organises a STEER Homecoming Event for our immediate past STEER participants to share their STEER highlights and experiences with one another. Additionally, these programmes serve to share with all our STEER partners in the various NUS units and the student participants the insightful learning points and best practices of these study trips.

Student Testimonials

STEER Kazakhstan 2017

Kazakhstan has an amazing culture! The Kazakhs are hospitable and their food is delicious. Kazakhstan provides good business opportunities for Singaporeans. By going on the STEER Kazakhstan programme, I have definitely increased my understanding of Central Asia.

Shu Wei, (fourth from the left) and other STEER participants volunteering at the Singapore Pavilion at EXPO 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan.
STEER Indonesia 2016

STEER Indonesia was certainly an unforgettable experience. Our expedition to observe and document the fabled Komodo Dragon led to unique situations and challenges that lay beyond what a normal traveller would encounter. From the boats men selling coconuts on their floating homes, to women haggling over fish in a market, my perspective was broadened and I learnt to look out for the small details that defined the way people live. STEER Indonesia is has redefined, for me, what it truly means to travel and experience the world.

As part of the Eco cycling tour, a pit stop was made at a rice plantation where the students learnt about the crop cultivation practices.
STEER Central America (Costa Rica & Panama) 2016

The STEER programme provides a valuable opportunity to learn about the world outside Singapore - a classroom without walls, teaching the participants to appreciate and be immersed in another culture.

STEER Central America participants at EARTH University to learn more about environmental leadership.

Past STEER Programmes

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