Student Exchange Programme

**Important Update on COVID-19**

5 February 2021 - Latest - The COVID-19 situation worldwide is still evolving with many cities experiencing worsening pandemic situations, it will be some time before vaccinations can be rolled out to the general population and subsequently for international travel to resume, it may be advisable to moderate your expectations about participating in SEP in Semester 1 of AY2021/22. Students should plan to register for NUS modules in August 2021 as a back-up plan. The status of the global COVID-19 situation will be reviewed and a decision made in early May 2021 on whether SEP in Semester 1 of AY2021/22 can proceed.

The Student Exchange Programme (SEP) is the largest and most established global programme in NUS. Through the development and management of strategic and sustainable partnerships with universities globally, Global Relations Office (GRO) strives to ensure a quality exchange experience for all outgoing and incoming students. More than 90% of both outgoing and incoming students are highly satisfied with their SEP experience. More than 95% of our overseas SEP alumni would recommend NUS to their peers at their home universities, while almost all returned SEP exchangers would gladly participate in SEP again if given the chance.

NUS students are able to choose from over 300 partner universities in more than 40 countries for their SEP experience. In AY 2017/18, approximately 2,000 NUS students embarked on SEP while close to 2,000 incoming students were received from our partner universities. We welcome students to participate in exchange to broaden their horizons and gain essential soft skills in preparation for the world after graduation.