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Engaging Communities

Our Ethos

The principles of Service-Learning and Strength-Based (Asset Based Community Development) underlies our  approach to instill a sense of civic mindedness and social responsibility in our students. We strive to engage the community and people in responsible and challenging actions for the common good. Beyond making meaningful impact to the community, SOGP also aims to develop students holistically by helping them uncover personal values and purpose, develop empathy, as well as acquire valuable skill sets and knowledge through reflection and mentorship from community partners and NUS Advisors.   

The Seeds of Good Programme (SOGP) aims to support students who are interested in participating in a Community Learning Programme. In partnership with communities, the programme focuses on inspiring and enabling students to design and execute real-life community projects that bring positive and meaningful impacts.  Key communities/sectors of interest of SOGP include: 1) children and youth, 2) vulnerable families, 3) seniors, 4) healthcare, 5) diversity and inclusion, as well as 6) environment and biodiversity.  

Resources for Community Engagement Projects:   

  1. Videos on Community Engagement Approaches 
  2. Funding

Students can join the project teams as volunteers/organising committee to design and execute SOGP. Drop us an email at to find out more!

Community Engagement Approaches

Watch these videos to gain insights of the various community engagement approaches.

ABCD Model
Learn the Asset-Based
Community Development Model
for your project
Watch here

Design Thinking
Learn how to implement
Design Thinking to create
a product for your project
Watch here

Project Management
Learn about Project Management to help you implement
your project
Watch here

Projects Showcase
Cooking for love-01

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Baking Workshop for Guide Dogs

A team of dog lovers decided to tap into love their visually impaired participants have for their guide dogs to encourage them to prepare various recipes independently in the kitchen. This empowered the participants' by helping them get familiar around a kitchen so that they will be confident to step foot in their own kitchens back home.

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Caring for Seniors and Healthcare

Project ElderILY

Realising that there are many elderly folks living alone were suffering from depression, social anxiety and dementia, and on the other, the youth who needed an avenue to express their creativity and energy through community leadership activities, a group of NUS students decided to put these two hands together to create Project ElderILY to create a bridge and promote intergenerational bonding between the two communities.

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Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

CleaNUS Project

How often does the community stop and appreciate the cleaners who are seen pushing their cleaning carts? With this in mind, a team of Engineering students went behind-the-scenes to find out more about these heroes whose deeds often go unsung. These stories, with the running theme "Behind the Uniform", are inspired by NUS cleaners. Collectively, their project “CleaNUS” hopes to honour this “invisible” community by sharing their stories.

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Being Part of the Blueprint in International Development

Project Ponggang
A team of 10 undergraduates left for Indonesia on 1 July 2018 and spent 14 days working on a project to alleviate the financial burdens of villagers in Ponggang Village, Java, Indonesia by building biodigesters instead of purchasing cooking fuel from the city. All that were required - a constant supply of food waste, plant material and cow faeces, which were an abundance in this farming community.
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