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Student Residences

No frills accommodation, programmes offered to enhance personal effectiveness.

Residents here have the option to participate in residential activities at a level that they are comfortable with. Programmes across themes of wellness, personal effectiveness, sports, cultural appreciation and community service are offered. Student leadership roles are available via the Resident Assistant and Cluster Leader role.  No meal plans.

For speedy updates on your mobile phone, go to the uNivUS app, select "Resources" and then "Residential Living".

Currently, there are two Student Residences. Discover them now!

PGP Residence 

Nestled in a valley near the Kent Ridge MRT station, the PGP Residence (PGPR) beckons to all students who wish to live in a condominium-like hostel with air-conditioned rooms, lounges, study rooms, music rooms as well as sports facilities such as badminton, basketball, tennis courts and a gym. This is not all that PGPR can offer you. Here are some of the other things you can look forward including a diverse multicultural community with residents hailing from 68 countries to strong pastoral care from the residential staff and student leaders. You’ll never feel far from home! 

More about PGPR here.


UTown Residence 

UTown Residence, also known as UTR, is located in the heart of NUS University Town. It is the first of its kind in Singapore’s higher learning landscape where both undergraduate and graduate students live and learn in close proximity. The design of the residence emphasises open common areas, and the architecture fosters a sense of community and cross-disciplinary discussion. UTR oversees the large Town Green, which is a big green space for students to gather, play sports or even have a picnic. UTR consists of the North and South Tower, which can house up to 1,700 residents.

More about UTR here.