Various funding schemes are available for students and student organisations to enliven the student life experience.

teach singapore mentor showing her thumbs up

The Teach Singapore fund is a university-wide initiative aimed to involve the NUS community of students, staff and alumni to provide academic coaching and mentoring to children and youth from disadvantaged families.


The Community Engagement Fund (CEF) is a springboard for students to hone their inquisitiveness, inner resilience, and imagination through student-led projects and initiatives. Apart from benefiting the wider community, initiatives supported by CEF should also aim to strengthen the culture of volunteerism and community engagement among NUS students. 


The University Support for Pursuit of Arts, Culture & Sports (U-SPARKS) Funding Grant aims to assist students in initiating and organising meaningful sports, arts and cultural activities that promote active participation among the NUS community and beyond.


The NUS Sports Scholarship (Mid-term) is awarded to undergraduates who possess outstanding academic and sports participation / representation records in NUS.


The Special Education Needs (SEN) Fund is set up to provide support to NUS students with Special Needs (SSN) arising from physical, hearing or visual impairments (PI, HI or VI). The Fund is meant to assist students in acquiring Assistive Technology (AT) devices and/or support services that they may need in the course of their studies at NUS.