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University Support for Pursuit of Arts, Culture & Sports (U-SPARKS) Funding Grant


The U-SPARKS funding grant aims to a promote sporting lifestyle, arts appreciation and cultural understanding among the NUS community and external communities. The grant hopes to:

  • To build a culture of active participation in sports, arts and cultural activities
  • To aid students in initiating and organising sports, arts and cultural activities that promotes active participation from the community
  • To support students who wish to test new ideas or develop new initiatives that will add vibrancy and benefit the campus community and beyond

U-SPARKS provides funding of up to 80% of the total deficit cost capped at $10,000 . Students can claim for completed projects as long as it is within the financial year of approval.

A. Applicant Eligibility

NUS Students or Student Groups applying for the U-SPARKS should:

  • Be full-time NUS undergraduate students

  • Submit applications with required supporting documents to OSA at least eight weeks before commencement of projects

  • Undertake projects that:
    - contribute to the creative development/ appreciation of culture, sports, performing, visual and literary arts (may include practice and curating) on campus and beyond;
    - enhance understanding among NUS students and the larger community;
    - promote active participation from the community 

  • Showcase past experience/achievements, leadership and organisational skills

  • Be approved and mentored by a NUS staff from faculty, department or hall etc.

  • Projects must showcase the ability to apply existing skills/knowledge of organising committee, and the chance to learn new skills/knowledge from executing the project


B. Evaluation Criteria

Sports Arts & Culture
Participation in Competitions/Events
(highlighting NUS internationally or nationally)
 Participation in Competitions/Events
(highlighting NUS internationally or nationally)
  • Participation in competitive activities/ events

  • Involvement in expeditions, both in Singapore and/or Overseas

  • Participation in recreational and/or competitive activities/ events/ performances

  • Involvement in arts festivals, both in Singapore and/or Overseas

Recreational Activities Recreational Activities 
  • Recreational sporting activities/ events that encourage active involvement and participation from the community

  • Sporting activities/ events with meaningful causes that promote sporting inspiration to the community

  • Recreational arts activities/events that encourage active involvement and

  • Participation from the community
    (e.g. large-scale theatrical productions)

  • Learn-to-play programmes (e.g, Acapella workshops) that promote the arts to the community

Educational and Developmental Programmes Educational and Developmental Programmes 
  • Sporting programme (e.g. sports clinic to increase self-awareness for children)
  • Arts Programme relating to market and audience development (e.g. technical course, market development workshops)


C. Expenditures not supported

The following expenditures will not be supported, even if the project as a whole is approved:


General operating expenses of start-up costs of student clubs, societies, and interest groups


Cash prizes or outright donations to beneficiaries/participants


Audit, legal, utilities, fines and penalty fees


Purchase and maintenance of fixed assets


Tobacco and alcohol products


Any private and personal consumption items


Items, goods or services where approved team members have a direct stake or interest in (This is to avoid conflict of interest)


Items that are not directly relevant to the proposed project or for which alternatives or substitutes are available within the University


Application period opens all year round.

Projects that submit their claims in February/March may obtain reimbursement only in May due to the closing of financial year.


For enquiries, contact Jonathan at +65 6601 3015 or email or
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