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The International Student's Experience

Want to know how you can make friends in a new environment? Looking forward to participating in exciting activities? Find out how you can make the most out of your NUS journey here!

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Get a glimpse of life as an international student in NUS!

Yuan Yuan shares about the challenges that she faced in finding her place in NUS.

Follow Andi's journey as she navigates life as an international student during COVID-19.

Video: NUS i.CARE

International students tell us why participating in these exciting programmes is good for them.

EnginBuddies Story Visual resized
EnginBuddies create lasting friendships at Engineering Club

EnginBuddies is NUS Students’ Engineering Club’s inaugural initiative to help incoming students learn about different cultures and forge meaningful friendships.

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iCARE Week 2021 Story Visual Resized

iCARE Week 2021: Together, apart

Hear from international students Rachel and Anna, who were part of the organising team for iCARE Week, a 3-day online event to help international students be acquainted to NUS and Singapore culture.

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With New Environment comes New Challenges Story Visual resized

With New Environment comes New Challenges

Culture difference, Singlish and homesickness are some of the challenges faced by international students. What does it feel like to be in a new environment amid the COVID-19 pandemic? First year international students give their experiences adapting to Singapore and NUS.
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Beyond Borders Story Visual resized
Beyond Borders: Tips on working together

In Project Smartphone and Me, students from different cultural backgrounds worked together to teach seniors over Zoom, basic functions and applications found in their smartphones.
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Chaitanya Muthaiyan

iCARE’s Makan Kaki and vintage SG Tours will be the most cherished days of my NUS student life. I had the opportunity to connect, dine, play and share stories from students across different countries. These events helped me to learn Singapore's culture, history, food, and a little bit of Singlish from the local students who were part of the group.

- Chaitanya Muthaiyan

NUS Graduate, AY 2020/2021