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Registering a new student organisation


Official Student Organisations in NUS

NUS has more than 200 official student organisations. These are the only student organisations that are allowed to use the NUS name and trademarks. If you are intending to use the NUS name and trademarks as part of the student organisation’s name or identity, you are required to register with the Office of Student Affairs. 

Grant of Use of NUS Name and Trade Marks

In consideration of NUS agreeing to grant a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-licensable, royalty-free and limited licence, the use of NUS name and trademarks (“Marks”) for the purposes of the IG, the IG hereby agrees to use the Marks only:

(i) as part of the IG’s name and/or identity;
(ii) to describe the IG’s relationship with NUS; and
(iii) in the course of and for purposes of the IG’s events and activities as approved by OSA

Registering a Student Organisation

Registrations will open once every semester. Do keep a lookout on this page and on NUSync for future announcements.

Here are the steps to register your student organisation:

Step 1: Checklist
Before starting on the registration process, check that your group complies with the interest group governing policies. You can use this checklist.

Step 2: Application

If you have checked off all the requirements listed in the checklist listed in step 1, you are eligible to apply. You will be required to submit a list of documents that can be found here.
Register here 

Step 3: Shortlisting

An OSA Staff may contact you if there is a need for clarifications on your application. You will be informed of the shortlisting results within 2 weeks from the closing date of the applications.

Step 4: Presentation

Shortlisted groups will do a short presentation to a panel. During this presentation, you will provide a detailed walkthrough of your group’s objectives and activities. You can find more information on what should be included in your presentation here.

Step 5: Application Results

Application results will be released via email within 2 weeks from the presentation date.

Step 6: On-boarding

All successful applicants will be mandated to complete

  1. All training/briefing programmes within the stipulated time.
  2. Administrative set-ups.

More details of these can be found in the Governance of IG paper. For enquiries and further clarifications, do drop us an email to