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Residential Colleges

Residential Colleges

The first of their kind in Singapore’s higher education landscape, the residential colleges in NUS aim to provide undergraduate students with a new kind of educational experience where you can join an exciting academic programme while living alongside your professors and peers.

Strategically combining on-campus living with a multidisciplinary curriculum, the residential colleges offer academic programmes that blend classroom learning with co-academic activities for a unique and holistic learning experience. Rounding up the Residential College experience is an abundance of social and sporting activities that allow you to explore your interests and discover new ones.

You are required to apply for the respective academic programme first, before applying for a room in the residential college. The three programmes are the Ridge View Residential College Programme (RVRCP) and University Town College Programme (UTCP), known collective as the Residential College Programmes, and the University Scholars Programme (USP).

Ridge View Residential College Programme

The Ridge View Residential College (RVRC) Programme is a two-year residential programme offered at Ridge View Residential College (RVRC). 

The RVRC programme takes an integrated inter-disciplinary approach, designed to cultivate students’ holistic development to help them prepare for, and embrace life, in the university and the work environment after graduation. Besides having constant and close interaction with faculty through formal classroom settings and informal community living, students will also have ample opportunities for close engagement with industry players and prominent individuals from the public and private sectors through dialogues, industry visits and project mentorship programmes. 

RVRC welcomes applications from incoming freshmen from their 6 partner faculties:

• Faculty of Arts and Social Science
• Faculty of Engineering
• Faculty of Science
• NUS Business School
• School of Computing
• School of Design and Environment

Students from other Faculties/Schools will be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis, with consideration for their ability to fulfil the RVRC Programme requirements.

For enquiries regarding admissions for current undergraduates, please contact the residential college at: 

University Town College Programme
College of Alice & Peter Tan
Residential College 4

Tembusu College

The University Town College Programme (UTCP) is a two-year residential programme offered at College of Alice & Peter Tan, Residential College 4, and Tembusu College. Designed as a more coherent delivery of general education, the UTCP emphasises multidisciplinary and active small-group learning. Students from different disciplines, cultures and nationalities are put together in each class, which helps them to assimilate and synthesise cross-disciplinary knowledge, facilitating multi-perspectival thinking.

Through its multidisciplinary curriculum, the UTCP will help students develop effective communications and strong writing skills, critical thinking skills, and intellectual breadth and rigour to tackle the complex, inter-related challenges confronting the world today. A host of informal learning activities, such as talks by distinguished visitors, as well as social and sporting activities, complements the formal curriculum.

Admissions to the UTCP is typically reserved for incoming freshmen. Current undergraduates interested in joining the programme may contact their RC of choice for more information.

University Scholars Programme


The University Scholars Programme (USP) is an undergraduate academic programme established in 2001 in the National University of Singapore (NUS) that admits around 200 undergraduates from across seven faculties and schools in NUS each year. 

The USP education focuses on strengthening core academic and professional skills – writing and critical thinking, analytical and quantitative reasoning, the ability to ask the right questions and pursue research, and the habit of reflecting upon ideas within a broad intellectual landscape. This is done through an intensive and rigorous multidisciplinary curriculum, and a rich offering of local and international programmes. USP’s focus is on core skills that complement their students’ strengths in their major disciplines, enabling them to make substantial connections across fields, enhancing their intellectual depth and breadth. USP students reside in Cinnamon College at the NUS University Town. Alongside a vibrant student life, the residential college is a space for discussions on diverse issues, allowing our students to develop meaningful engagement with real world matters.


Please email for admission related matters.


Residential Colleges Financial Aid

NUS offers a suite of donated bursaries and scholarships that makes it possible for students who are admitted into Ridge View Residential College Programme (RVRCP), University Town College Programme (UTCP), or University Scholars Programme (USP) to fund the costs of staying in the residential colleges.

Donated Bursaries

Please click here for details about donated bursaries.

Donated Scholarships

Please click here for the list of donated scholarships.

The scholarship is valued at $10,000 annually and is bond-free.
Who Qualifies?
The applicant must be an incoming or current full-time undergraduate student of NUS in the Academic Year 2021/2022.

Tenable annually, the scholarships are awarded on the basis of students’ outstanding academic and non-academic performance, and fulfilment of the University’s prevailing guidelines for scholarship award.

Where non-academic performance is concerned, students are assessed on the basis of their interests and ability to contribute to residential college life and to the programme, and their demonstration of leadership qualities and potential.  Co-curricular records and other capabilities will also contribute towards the overall assessment. 

There are no independent interview sessions for RC scholarships.  Students will be considered for award of the scholarship during the interviews conducted for admissions into the residential college.

Successful recipients are required to:

  1. Submit a letter of appreciation to the donor;
  2. Attend university events, donor organised events and meetings with the donors (if required);
  3. Pay forward by donating towards the scholarship of another student, after graduation (if required by the donor)

Disbursement of Funds
The scholarship funds will be disbursed over two semesters, in August 2021 for Semester One and in February 2022 for Semester Two.  The latter is subject to the student’s confirmation of stay in Semester Two.

The funds will be used to offset against the student’s tuition fees, accommodation fees, miscellaneous fees, etc. The balance funds will be credited into the student’s bank account. Students are therefore reminded to update their bank details in myEduRec under the “Manage Bank accounts” tab.

Application Information

Applications for admissions to the Residential College Programmes (UTCP and RVRCP) are conducted separately from USP, and you will not be able to apply or be admitted to the three programmes at the same time.

Information on applying to the Residential College Programmes (UTCP and RVRCP) may be found here.

UPDATE: The application for AY2021/22 admission to the Residential College Programmes (UTCP and RVRCP) for incoming freshmen had closed. 

For more information on applying to USP, please click here.  

Applications for Residential College Scholarships are conducted jointly for UTCP, RVRCP and USP. Applicants interested in applying for a scholarship must submit a separate application for admissions into the programme.

The application window for RC scholarships will open from 8 March 2021 (09:00 hours) to 30 April 2021 (23:59 hours). To submit an application for scholarship, please click here.

To be considered for the donated bursaries, you are required to apply for Financial Aid here.