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Safe spaces for co-creation, peer mentorship and a strong focus on well-being.

Expect lots of ground-up initiatives co-led by residents, peer mentorship, and a structured Proactive Pastoral Care (PPC) system – where every resident is assigned to a small yet robust support group. Collaborative student leadership roles are available as a Peer Mentor, Resident Assistant, or the Student Council. 

Currently there are three Houses. Explore them now!

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Helix House

With a tagline of ‘DNA that binds’, Helix House aspires to build a happy environment for our residents, connecting through a close knit and caring community. As we are new, our residents will have a direct hand in shaping the DNA of the House. We invite all to join us in our journey.  

More about Helix House here.



LightHouse is a home where students do not need to try to be different, in a way that the thumb does not try to stand out from the pinkie. Yet, the body recognises each as different. It is a home where connections thrive. It is a home where students value themselves and others. It is a home where students can take their time and space to find their purpose in life – to contemplate and ponder with joy and hope. It is a home where aspirations are forged, refined and respected. It is a home to live and learn, and learn to live. Whether you are looking for a home to heal or soar, this is the space for you. 

More about LightHouse here.


Pioneer House 

Formerly known as “PGP House”, Pioneer House was established in 2017 to develop a new type of housing model in NUS that focuses on providing proactive pastoral care and mentoring to the residents. The signature Peer Mentorship Programme extends academic guidance and student life-related care to freshmen by a select group of accomplished seniors known as “Peer Mentors”. Residents are encouraged to explore and participate in Cluster events, Ground-Up initiatives and Interest Groups to enrich their on-campus living experience and be part of a familial and inclusive residential community. 

PH believes in reaching out to everyone, and for nobody to be left behind. Come and be part of a PHamily that embodies what it means to live, learn and love!

More about Pioneer House here.