Fighting cyber threats

NUS, supported by the National Research Foundation, has launched the National Cybersecurity R&D Laboratory, a national shared infrastructure which provides a realistic environment for cybersecurity research and test-bedding of innovative solutions against cyber threats.

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Graduates in demand

Our NUS graduates are enjoying better employment prospects with higher starting salaries. This is based on the findings of the latest Joint Graduate Employment Survey.

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A digital twist to survival

Surviving the wild with just bare necessities, a quick mind, laptop circuitry and basic tech gizmo. This quixotic match-up is the premise of a new US television show called “Hacking the Wild”, which stars Dr Andrew Quitmeyer from NUS Communications and New Media.

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Support for organ donation

Our students recently partnered the National University Centre for Organ Transplantation to raise awareness for the organ donation programme in Singapore, as well as raise funds in support of organ transplant patients.

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Thought Leadership

Cultural Transfers in History

NUS University Professor and renowned historian, Professor Wang Gungwu, delivered a lecture at Presidency 200’s Global Education Summit, a conference organised to mark India’s prestigious Presidency University’s bicentenary celebrations.

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Going global

Patsnap’s Chief Executive Officer and NUS Engineering alumnus, Jeffrey Tiong, was inspired to start a company that would eventually go global during his internship at a medical device start-up while on the NUS Overseas Colleges programme.

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