Pre-University Students from Local Institutions

H3 Programme

The Higher 3 (H3) 'A' Level curriculum was revamped by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in 2006 to better prepare students for the increasingly competitive and globalized world of today. The H3 programme was introduced to allow exceptional students to pursue a subject at a higher level which they have the passion and aptitude for. Subjects at the H3 level allow for a greater range of learning and research work.

Students who meet the minimum grade requirements will be granted advanced placement credits (APCs) if they are admitted into NUS to pursue an undergraduate course subsequently. For more information on H3 Advanced Placement Credits, please refer to the FAQ.

NUS H3 Courses

All H3 applications must be made through the respective school's H3 Co-ordinator. Please check with your school’s H3 Co-ordinator for more details on the application.

Please liaise with your programme coordinator for more information.

Application to NG Programme

Please check with the programme coordinator at your home institution for detailed information on application to the NG programme. Please refer to the user guide before submitting an application