After Submitting an Application

Application Processing

For exchange applicants: Applications are verified against the list of nominated exchange students.

The Registrar’s Office will contact applicants if further information or clarification is required.


Courses Evaluation and Allocation

Coursework Applicants Only

Academic Departments review applicants’ eligibility for the courses they have chosen. For courses that have pre-requisites, departments will review applicants’ academic transcripts to determine if similar courses have been taken at the applicants’ home university.


Application Outcome Released

Email sent to applicants informing them to log in and view their offer outcome.


Acceptance of Offer and upload of photograph

Applicants will need to accept their offer online and will need to upload their photograph as part of the acceptance process.

Photographs submitted will be used to print the applicant’s NUS Student Card.

Please refer to the Online Photo Submission Requirements here.


Offer Letter and Registration Guide

After accepting your offer, you will be able to download a copy of your offer letter. Please print a copy and keep it for your reference.

Students taking iBLOCs, and pre-university students from local institutions: Your offer letter will contain a link to the Administrative Notes which contains important information for various registration processes for your programme. Likewise, you may access the Administrative Notes by clicking here.

All other students: Consult the Registration Guide which can be found in the offer letter or by clicking here. The Guide contains information on the various tasks that have to be completed prior to your arrival at NUS.


Administrative Matters

Registration Part One: Update personal particulars and accept terms of admission to the university.

For International Students Only - Student’s Pass: Students require an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter to enter Singapore. Application instructions to be sent to students via email. Given the COVID-19 situation in Singapore and abroad, students are encouraged to check out the latest arrival requirements here.

Please consult the Registration Guide for more information on each step. 


Housing Application

Students wishing to apply for housing may refer to the information included in their offer letter.

Please note that on-campus housing is highly sought after and is thus not guaranteed.

Off-campus Accommodation

Non-graduating research students should consider staying off campus. Due to the limited supply of on-campus accommodation, some non-graduating exchange students will have to find and secure private accommodation outside of campus. Please refer to the Office of Student Affairs for more information on private, off-campus accommodation. 


Payment of Miscellaneous Student Fees Application

Payment of Misc. Student Fees is necessary for the activation of the NUS Student Card and is to be performed through the University’s Education Records System (login required).

Students taking iBLOCs, and pre-university students from local institutions: Please consult your admin notes on the updated fees for the upcoming semester.

Students are required to reset their initially issued NUSNET password 2 days after completing Registration (Part One) in order to access all NUS online resources and systems.


Arrival at NUS

Registration Part Two
In Registration (Part Two), students complete the registration procedures by activating their student card online or by reporting to campus.

Students taking iBLOCs, and pre-university students from local institutions: Please refer to your admin notes regarding Registration Part Two. 

All other students: Please refer to the Registration Guide for reporting time and venue.