Special Programmes

NUS offers a wide range of learning opportunities beyond the traditional single-degree programmes offered by individual Faculties/Schools. The undergraduate curriculum is structured with sufficient flexibility to enable students to obtain knowledge in an additional discipline and/or further specialization within a discipline.

The NUS educational experience is not limited by the physical boundaries of the campus or even Singapore. NUS collaborates with some of the world's finest universities to offer special programmes to NUS students.

Students on these special undergraduate programmes would acquire additional sets of skills and are well-placed for multiple career options upon graduation.

Students may choose to pursue only one of the following types of special programmes, i.e., one Double Degree Programme (DDP) or one Concurrent Degree Programme (CDP) or one Concurrent Double Master Programme (CDMP), in a single continuous candidature. They would not be eligible for another special programme until the first one has been completed and they have graduated from it.

Below are University-level special programmes available to undergraduate students. Individual Faculties/Schools also offer other special programmes, details of which are at the respective Faculties/Schools' websites.

Information on admission to NUS is available at the website of the Office of Admissions.