Concurrent Degree Programmes (CDP) with Overseas Universities

These special degree programmes with premier overseas universities provide our able students with further academic challenges and the opportunities to learn alongside other brilliant students in cross-cultural settings.

Besides Double Degree and Concurrent Degree programmes, Joint Degree programmes (JDPs) are also available. A JDP combines the strengths of both NUS and our partner university's curricula and integrate international experience fully into a student's course of study. Students will be jointly taught and assessed and jointly awarded a degree. The degree scroll bearing the crests and official signatories of both universities will be a doubly validated qualification. Students will be able to complete a JDP with Honours within four years if they follow the study plan.

The various Double/Concurrent/Joint Degree programmes with overseas universities are as follows:

DDP with Sciences Po

DDP with Waseda University

JDP with University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Joint Degree Programme with the Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University

For more information on DDPs and CDPs, including admission process and criteria, please click on the FAQ.

For an overview of the various undergraduate courses offered in NUS, please visit Office of Admissions – Course Information. Interested students may wish to consider applying to the Public Service Commission for its Local-Overseas Merit Scholarship.