A Specialisation provides students with the opportunity to learn more about a particular sub-discipline within their main discipline. It is very useful for students who plan to enter specific career tracks upon their graduation.

For students admitted from AY2021/2022 onwards, a Specialisation will require 20 MCs of higher-level modules of a specialised nature within a Major. Up to 8 MCs (40% of the total requirements for a Specialisation) may be used to meet the requirements for up to two Specialisations.

For students admitted from AY2008/2009, a Specialisation is a coherent programme of study that will require 24 MCs of distinctive modules within a Major. For students admitted prior to AY2008/2009, a Specialisation typically requires between 16 to 20 MCs of distinctive modules within a Major.

The Specialisation will be noted in the student's transcript.