Concurrent Degree Programmes (CDP)

Concurrent degree programmes (CDPs) involve a combination of a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from the same Faculty or from two different Faculties. Such programmes allow a student to pursue a Bachelor's and a Master's degree concurrently. The programme structure allows some of the requirements for the Bachelor's degree to be also counted towards the Master's degree so that a student could graduate in four and a half to five years with both degrees, instead of five and a half to six years if pursued separately.

The following is a list of available CDPs within NUS:

Please also refer to the section, Double/Concurrent/Joint Degree Programmes with Overseas Universities, for the available CDPs with partner universities.

For more information on CDPs, including admission process and criteria, please click on the FAQ.

For an overview of the various undergraduate courses offered in NUS, please visit Office of Admissions – Course Information.