Occupational and Environmental Health Society Medal

In 1973, the Organizing Committee of the First Symposium on Occupational Health in South East Asia donated a sum of $2,000 to the National University of Singapore for the purpose of commemorating the holding of the First Symposium in Singapore in May 1971. The proceeds of the capital sum were used for the award of a silver medal and a cash prize. The first awards were made in 1974. In 1996, the Society of Occupational Medicine donated a sum of $3,000 to be added to the capital sum. The total amount in the fund, including accumulated interests and unexpended surpluses amounted to $8,286. The proceeds of the capital sum will be used for the award of a gold medal. In 2000, the Society of Occupational Medicine was registered into the Occupational and Environmental Health Society.

  1. Subject to there being a student (medically qualified) of sufficient merit, the medal will be awarded each year to the student (medically qualified) who has most distinguished himself in the examination leading to the degree of Master of Public Health (with specialisation in Occupational and Environment Health). The medal will be awarded by the Board of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Board of Examiners.
  2. In the event that no Master of Public Health (with specialisation in Occupational and Environment Health) student achieves a distinction to qualify for the gold medal, a cash prize valued at $100 would be awarded to the next best student in the examination leading to the degree Master of Public Health (with specialisation in Occupational and Environment Health).


Oliveiro Memorial Medal and Prize

The Oliveiro Memorial Prize Fund was inaugurated in 1956 to perpetuate the memory of the late Dr C. J. Oliveiro, Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry at the University of Malaya (established 1949 in Singapore). A capital sum of $2,100 was donated by the University of Malaya Medical Society. In 1980, a further donation of $5,150 was received from former students of the late Dr Oliveiro in order to augment the capital sum. The award is governed by the following conditions:

  1. Subject to rule 3 below, a silver medal and cash prize of $750, will be awarded to the second best-performing student in the First Professional Examination for the degrees of M.B.,B.S.
  2. The award will be made by the Board of Undergraduate Studies or its nominee.
  3. No award will be made unless there is a candidate of sufficient merit.
  4. This gift shall be governed by the University Statutes and Regulations, specifically, Statute 7 on Gifts to the University and the corresponding Regulation.


Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize


The Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher (OUR) Prize was launched in AY 2006-2007. The objective of this annual, university-wide competition is to encourage research among undergraduates at NUS by presenting opportunities for them to participate in research while integrating teaching and research at various levels of experience and expertise. This allows undergraduates to develop the capacity for discovery through research.

Through this competition, undergraduates will have more meaningful experiences at university by fostering learning through hands-on work. It also serves to develop their research skills for use in courses and other academic and professional pursuits; identify academic and career interests; learn about a new field; develop working relationships between classmates and faculty mentors; and provide them a glimpse of graduate life.


Entry Type

  • Either by individual category or by group category.
  • Students may submit up to two entries in total, but will be eligible for only one prize in each category.
    • One entry to each category (individual or group); or
    • Two entries in individual category; or
    • Two entries in group category.

Candidates' Eligibility

  • Full-time registered undergraduates (including honours students) at NUS in the Academic Year that the Prize is to be awarded; and
  • with Faculty's support on the merit of the project.

Project Type

  • Credit-gaining coursework-based projects or independent non-credit-gaining non-coursework-based projects.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Originality and significance of the project
  • Clear understanding of the subject
  • Evidence of critical and independent thinking
  • Other points of merit on the project.

Prize Categories

Winner Category Prizes
Individual S$1000 per prize and certificate
Group Up to S$4000 per prize and certificate

The prizes awarded must be used towards participation in related activities/programmes which includes overseas/local conferences/workshops, leadership seminars or any such related activity approved by the Faculty/School that are deemed to add value to a student's education and overall development.


Deadline for submission of projects to Faculties/Schools for evaluation is early April each year.  (The exact deadline will be publicized to students via email sometime in December.)

Entry Form

The entry form for the OUR Prize is available from the Dean's Offices of Faculties/Schools.