Submitting a complete application

Your application will be only considered after you complete the application process. This includes

  1. successful submission of online application form,
  2. receiving an email titled “Acknowledgement of Application to NUS Undergraduate Courses”,
  3. submission of relevant supporting documents, and
  4. making the S$10 application fee payment.

Incomplete application will affect the outcome of your application.

All applicants are encouraged not to submit original certificates and documents. The Office of Admissions will not be held responsible for the damage or loss of original certificates or documents submitted. All documents submitted will not be returned.

You may check if your supporting documents have been received by the University through the Applicant Portal 5-7 working days after your online submission.

NUS Tuition Fee Loan

NUS students who successfully transfer to another course at NUS need not reapply for the NUS Tuition Fee Loan. Their records with the Office of Finance will be updated and they will continue to receive the loan until they graduate or leave the University. 

However, NUS students who withdraw from NUS must settle all outstanding loans at NUS including the tuition fee loan, the study loan as well as the notebook computer loan. This is also applicable to NUS students who withdraw from their current course of study and are admitted to another course of study in NUS. They must also apply for a fresh loan for their study in the new course. 

MOE Tuition Grant Subsidy

For information on the MOE Tuition Grant Subsidy for students who have transferred courses, please refer to

National Service (NS) in Singapore 

Singapore Citizens / Singapore Permanent Residents who are or will be serving or had served NS in Singapore should indicate their full-time national service status on the online application form accordingly. If you are waiting to be enlisted for NS, please do not choose your NS status as “NOT APPLICABLE” in the online form. Please choose your NS status as “Registered/Waiting to be enlisted” instead.
Those who have registered but have not enlisted or have not yet been notified to enlist need not provide the date of enlistment and/or ORD in the application form. However should you have registered at any point in time, you should inform Office of Admissions immediately.

You are required to indicate your Enlistment Date & ORD if you have chosen the following NS status:


You are required to indicate your Enlistment Date if you have chosen the following NS status:


If you are exempted from NS, please choose ‘EXEMPTED’ and you are required to send the necessary documents (endorsed by MINDEF) to Office of Admissions for our processing.