Returning National Servicemen (RNS) Acceptance Portal

Conditions of Offer

Your admission to NUS is subject to the following conditions:

  • You have complied with all instructions for acceptance of the University’s offer of admission.
  • The University is satisfied with the results of your pre-enrolment medical examination and that you are free from any disease, illness or medical condition. You shall undergo further health examinations or tests if required by the University.
  • The information you have given in your application form is accurate and you have not withheld material information from the University. Admission may be refused to candidates who withhold important information from the University or are unable to produce the original documents in support of their application. Any candidate found to have given inaccurate or false information or to have deliberately omitted material information at the time of application for admission will be refused admission to the University or, in the case of those already admitted, be required to leave or be expelled from the University.
  • A student must accept and agree to comply with all University statutes, regulations, rules and policies currently in effect and as may be revised from time to time. A student must also agree to enter into undertakings and authorizations as required by the University. Information on the Acceptance Record Undertakings and Authorizations can be found at

Mandatory Activities for Returning National Servicemen (RNS)

Activity Deadline and Application period Remarks
Submitting Photograph for Student Card From February Submit photo via

Not Applicable if you are not matriculating for the current year.
Pre-Admission Medical Examination Usually from March

Not Applicable if you are not matriculating for the current year.

Registration (Part One)

From June to August

(Please wait for the relevant email from the Registrar's Office before proceeding with Registration (Part One))

Registration Guide will be uploaded at in end-May.
Registering for Qualifying English Test (QET) Test Dates: July

Registration information available on

Registration (Part Two) for Singaporeans/SPRs with local address and above 18 years of age Mid July to August Student Cards will be posted to students for their completion of Registration (Part Two) online.
Registration (Part Two) for International students and Singaporeans/SPRs who do not qualify for online activation July Refer to Registration Guide at
Course Enrolment July to August

Students who have completed Registration (Part One) may proceed to enrol for courses via the Course Registration platform Course Registration @   Education Records System (ModReg@EduRec).

Verification of Original Documents September/October Students required to verify documents will be notified of the date and venue through email.
Not Applicable if you are not matriculating for the current year.
Information for Returning National Servicemen (RNS) Not Applicable

Provisional Offer of Admission : Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Requirement Not Applicable
Immunization and Vaccination for Pharmacy students Not Applicable
Admission and Health Requirements for Dentistry students Not Applicable
Admission and Health Requirements for Medicine students Not Applicable

Admission and Health Requirements for Nursing students Not Applicable

Items Remarks
Student Discipline & University Rules and Regulations


Activity Date Remarks
Tuition Fees Not Applicable
Application for MOE Tuition Grant As stated on the website

Payment of Tuition Fees As stated on the website
Online Application for Financial Aid As stated on the website
Application for Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy by MENDAKI As stated on the website

Application for use of CPF savings under Education Scheme As stated on the website

Item Remarks
Programme & Special Programme Information by Faculties


Activity Date Remarks
Application for NUS Hostels
  1. Halls
  2. Residences
  3. Residential Colleges
Application Periods:
  • Dates will be available on RC websites
(1), (2)
(3)* UTCP and RVRC:             
Application for Tertiary Student Concession Card for Transport July

Student Season Parking Date available on the Student Services website


Departments / Offices Course / Programme / Activity URLs
Registrar's Office Academic Services for NUS Students
Undergraduate Curriculum Structure
Office of Student Affairs Freshmen Orientation Programme
Student Services and Student Life Development

NUS Student Service Centre
Code of Student Conduct
University Health Centre Health Services
Counselling and Psychological Services

Student Insurance

 NUS Libraries Library Facilities for NUS Students
University Campus Infrastructure Campus Emergency and Security
Retail & Dining Services Department
Centre for the Arts Engaging NUS Community in the Arts
Information on Arts Activities
Centre for English Language Communication Qualifying English Test
Centre for Future Ready Graduates Career and Training Services
Centre for Language Studies Language Preparation Programme

Global Relations Office International Programmes and Assistance
NUS Information Technology IT Services

NUS Enterprise NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) Programme

Information Accurate as of 3 November 2022