NG5001 - Academic Communication for Graduate Researchers


Designed for all PhD students of the NUS Graduate School (NUSGS), this module facilitates further development of students’ academic literacies in critical reading, writing and oral presentation. For critical reading, students will be guided to deconstruct and evaluate arguments – competences which students will then deploy by writing a proposal. In writing the proposal, students will need to demonstrate the ability to use suitable academic conventions. This proposal will subsequently be delivered as an oral presentation to a cross-disciplinary audience. This module utilizes a blended learning approach, where students’ learning experiences will comprise in-class and online synchronous and asynchronous lessons and activities.


Through an academic literacies approach, PhD students are given opportunities to develop awareness and hone skills necessary for their academic goals. By the end of the semester, students in this course should be able to:

  1. synthesise information gleaned from the critical reading of academic texts;
  2. use appropriate academic writing strategies; and
  3. organize materials for academic communication purposes


NG5001 is a 100% Continuous Assessment course.

    • Students will write a proposal to answer a conference call-for-papers.
    • Students will deliver an 8-minute presentation of their conference paper.
      There will be a 5-minute Question & Answer session during which students in the audience will be expected to ask questions.
    • Students’ class participation will be evaluated based on meaningful contribution to online and in-class activities. This includes their ability to ask questions in class and during presentations.
    • Students will independently complete three electives.


ES5000 and ES5001A (if students are required to take these courses)







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