Graduate English Course


International graduate students from non-English medium universities who take the Diagnostic English Test (DET) will, if not exempted from the programme, be channelled to the relevant level of the Graduate English Course, depending on their results. They must pass that level before being allowed to move on to the next.

Graduate English Course (GEC) courses aim to develop international graduate students' English writing skills. To this end ES5000 (Basic English) enhances students' basic academic language competence in writing, while ES5001A (Intermediate English) builds on this competence and prepares students for specific writing tasks at the graduate level, such as writing synthesis and critique essays. Finally, NG5001 facilitates further development of students’ academic literacies in critical reading, writing and oral presentation.


ES5000 - Basic Level Writing

ES5001A - Intermediate Level Writing

NG5001 - Academic Communication for Graduate Researchers

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