3rd CELC Symposium Proceedings

Non-Native English Students Learning in English Allan Bernardo & Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan
A Principled Approach to Incorporating Second Language Acquisition Research into a Teacher Education Programme Rod Ellis
Hip Hop and English Language Learning (ELL): Empowering Youth with Positive English Speaker Identities Angel Lin
Managing Learning: Authority and Language Assessment Tim McNamara
From Government Policies to University Practices: Experiences and Lessons from the Recent College English Teaching Reform in China Haixiao Wang
Pedagogical Blogging for University Courses Brad Blackstone &
Chris Harwood
Attractive Factors for E-learners Charatdao Intratat
Technology in Language Classrooms: Filmmaking as a Tool for Developing Life Skills Seemita Mohanty
A Social-psychological Persepective on Singapore Schoolchildren's Strategy Use in English Literacy Learning Wengao Gong, Donglan Zhang, Lawrence Jun Zhang, Tamas Kiss and May-Yin Ang Tay
Incorporating Cross-cultural Communication in ELT: A Pedagogical Approach Suneetha, Y. and Sundaravalli, G.M
Can Reading Selections Positively Influence Reading, Thinking, and Writing Skills? Rungpat Roengpitya
The Academic Writing Experience of Undergraduate Industrial Technology Students in Indonesia Ista Maharsi
Decision-Making in a Collaborative Writing Task Merlyn Lee
Differences in the Learning Anxieties Affecting College Freshman Students of EFL Mei-Ling Lee
The Ethical Formation of Teaching Identity: Pre-service Teachers in Hong Kong Michelle Mingyue Gu
The Pedagogy of a Tertiary-level EFL Teacher in the PRC Sandra Tsui Eu Lam
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