Frequently Asked Questions on Registration


Q1. I have already been conferred my degree, do I still have access to myEduRec account?

All students have up to 30 days from their official conferment date to access myEduRec. However, students who have already been conferred their degrees may still register their attendance via myEduRec by selecting the ‘Graduated Students’ login option.

Q2. I have forgotten my NUSNET password. Are there other ways for me to register my attendance?

Registration of attendance is done mainly through myEduRec (Academics > Commencement Registration).

For current students, please click here for instructions to reset your NUSNET password.

For graduated students, to reset your password,

  1. Please click here.
  2. You may refer to the User Guide (to reset) here.
  3. Please contact the Commencement Team at should you continue to encounter difficulties resetting the password.


Q1. I am not sure if I can attend the ceremony. If I don’t register now, can I still attend the ceremony on that day?

Attendance to Commencement is strictly by registration, no walk-ins are allowed on the day of ceremony. If you are not sure if you can attend the ceremony yet, please register your attendance first for our planning purpose. You may make changes to your attendance at any time during the registration period. No further changes are allowed thereafter.

Q2. I am not attending the Commencement ceremony. Do I need to inform my Faculty or the University?

In order to facilitate our planning, please login to myEduRec (Academics > Commencement Registration) and indicate ‘No’ for your attendance.

Q3. I am a student from the internal Concurrent Degree Programme (CDP)/internal Double Degree Programme (DDP). Which ceremony should I attend?

Except for Architecture CDP students where both Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees are presented at the same ceremony, students from all other CDPs and DDPs are allowed to attend one or both ceremonies where your respective degrees are presented.

CDP students who choose to have their two degrees conferred in separate years are allowed to attend only the ceremony where the relevant degree is presented in that year.

In terms of registration, please do the following:

  1. For Architecture CDP graduates, as you will be presented both your Master’s and Bachelor’s degree together at the same ceremony,
    • Under your Master’s degree programme, indicate your attendance as ‘Yes’, if you are attending the ceremony
    • Under your Bachelor’s degree programme, indicate your attendance as ‘No’.
  2. For all other CDP and DDP graduates, as there is a possibility that both your degrees are presented at different/separate ceremonies (e.g. BIZ and LAW),
    • Under your Master’s degree programme (for CDP) or first Bachelor’s degree programme (for DDP), indicate your attendance as ‘Yes’, if you are attending the ceremony
    • Under your Bachelor’s degree programme (for CDP) or second Bachelor’s degree programme (for DDP), indicate your attendance as ‘Yes’, if you are attending the ceremony

Registration Status

Q1. I have completed my online registration of attendance but did not receive any confirmation email. Should I be receiving the confirmation email immediately or it will be sent only after the registration closes?

An acknowledgement email will be sent to your NUS lifelong email account immediately after you have completed the online registration of attendance.

However, the delivery of the acknowledgement email may be delayed due to the high volume of emails during the registration period. Nonetheless, you may still login to myEduRec (Academics > Commencement Registration) to verify/amend your registration anytime during the registration period.

Q2. I have registered for Commencement earlier but I have changed my mind. Will I be able to cancel my registration for Commencement?

Yes. Please login to myEduRec (Academics > Commencement Registration) to amend your registration at any time during the registration period.

Q3. I am in the Honours programme/I have been awarded an Honours degree but it was not indicated in the Attendance Registration page in myEduRec. Is there an error in the system on my degree awarded?

The online Attendance Registration page only shows the general degree title and does not show any indication of Honours specific to the graduate.

However, rest assure that your Honours classification attained (if any) will be reflected on official NUS documents such as the degree scroll and official transcript once you have officially been conferred your degree.

Q4. What should I do if I missed the registration deadline?

Please email NUS Commencement Mailbox ( immediately for assistance. Kindly provide your Full Name and Student ID in your email.

Q5. I am unable to make it for my ceremony session. Can I request to change my ceremony session?

We regret that we will not be able to accede to requests for ceremony changes. Graduates who are unable to attend their ceremony may access for live streaming of the ceremonies. The respective links will be made available closer to the event.

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