Our Benefactors

NUS records its appreciation to the many organizations/individuals whose contributions have established various University-administered scholarships and bursaries. These have enabled our outstanding and deserving students to achieve their academic best.

A*STAR A*STAR Pre-Graduate Award
A*STAR Graduate Scholarship

Ministry of Education

Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA)
Agilent Technologies

NUS Donated Bursary (AT)

Aik Hoe Group of Companies

Tan Lark Sye Scholarship/Bursary

Amansa Capital Pte Ltd

Amansa Bursary

AlphaLab Capital Pte Ltd

AlphaLab Capital Bursary

Alumni Association (Southern Branch)

Chee Phui Hung Bursary

Annual Giving
NUS Endowment Fund
Mr Andrew Ng

NUS Donated Bursary

Associate Professor Kwa Chong Guan and Ms Kwa Kim Hwa

Mabel & Soon Siew Kwa Scholarship/Bursary

Associate Professor Ruby Lee Yen Kee
Ms Pearl Lee Tuan Kee
Mr Victor Lee Kee Kai
Ms Jade Lee Ye Kee

Mr & Mrs Lee Seow Gek Bursary

Baxter Healthcare (Asia) Pte Ltd

Bursary supported by Baxter Healthcare (Asia) Pte Ltd

Broad Peak Investment Advisers Pte. Ltd.

Broad Peak Bursary

Char Yong (Dabu) Foundation Limited

Char Yong (Dabu) Association Singapore Bursary

Chemistry and Applied Chemistry Graduates and Staff, and other well wishers

M.C.K Svasti Scholarship/Bursary

Chen Kong Yuen Memorial Fund

Chen Kong Yuen Memorial Bursary

Chen Su Lan Trust

Chen Su Lan Student Bursary

Class of 1972

Class of 1972 Bursary

Dame Winifred Ethel Dunbar Anderson

John Anderson Scholarship

David Tang Poh Kheng

David Tang Poh Kheng Bursary

Dentistry Class of 1971

BDS 71 Scholarship

Derek Hewett Foundation 2009

The Derek Hewett Bursary

Donors of the Ameerah and Ameer Bursary

Ameerah and Ameer Bursary

Donors of the Cecil C Smith Scholarship

Cecil C Smith Scholarship

Donors of the Collectve Bursary

Collectve Bursary

Donors of the LBKM Future Economy Scholarship

LBKM Future Economy Scholarship

Donors of the Lim Meng Kin Memorial Bursary

Lim Meng Kin Memorial Bursary

Donors of the Micron Scholarship for Women in STEM

Micron Scholarship For Women In STEM

Donors of the NUS ASEAN Scholars Pay-It-Forward Bursary

NUS ASEAN Scholars Pay-It-Forward Bursary

Donors of the Ong Pang Boon Bursary

Ong Pang Boon Bursary

Donors of the WINGS Scholarship

Wings Scholarship

Dr Chew Beng Keng

Chew Beng Keng Bursary

Dr Chong Yoke Sin

STEM Inspire Bursary

Dr Lee Soo Ann

Lee Wan Loke – Sarah Goh Sat Liap Bursary

Dr Stephen Riady

Stephen Riady Young Entrepreneur Scholarship

Dr Tham Kah Poh

Tham Kai Shui Excelsior Scholarship

ECM Libra Foundation

ECM Libra Foundation Bursary

Engineering Student Development Fund

Engineering Student Development Fund Bursary

Estate of Dr Ian Peter Windle and the Mainly I Love Kids (MILK) Fund

MILK – Ian Peter Windle Scholarship

Estate of the late Dr Lim Boon Keng, and Mrs Ena Teh

Lim Boon Keng Scholarship/Bursary

Estate of the late Mdm Chan Mee Kuen

Ng Lin Moon and Chan Mee Kuen Bursary

Estate of the late Mr Koh Choon Joo

C J Koh Scholarship

Estate of the late Mr Lee Choon Seng

Lee Choon Seng Memorial Bursary

Estate of the late Mr Ong Cho Tek

Ong Cho Tek Memorial Bursary

Estate of the late Thng Siong Phuan

Thng Siong Phuan Scholarship

Estate of the late William Mitchell Hunter Caldwell

Hunter Caldwell Bursary

Family and well wishers of the late Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang

Wee Kheng Chiang Memorial Scholarship/Bursary

Family of the late Mr Khoo Teck Quee and Mdm Tan Phek Wan

Khoo Teck Quee and Tan Phek Wan Bursary

Family of the late Mr Lim Chin Hin

Lim Chin Hin Bursary

Family of the late Mr Low Seng Poh

Low Seng Poh Bursary

Foo Hai Ch’an Monastery

Foo Hai Ch’an Monastery Bursary

Friends and well wishers of the late Mr Reginald Quahe

Reginald Quahe Memorial Bursary

Friends of Former Visiting Professor Leslie C J Wong

Leslie Wong Memorial Scholarship

GIC Private Limited

GIC Sparks & Smiles Award

Hong Leong Foundation

Hong Leong Foundation Bursary

Great Eastern Life Assurance

Great Eastern – Howe Yoon Chong Bursary

ICH Group

ICH Group Bursary

Information Technology Management Association

Information Technology Management Association Scholarship

Institute of Banking and Finance

Institute of Banking and Finance Scholarship

Jardine Cycle & Carriage Ltd

Jardine Cycle & Carriage Scholarship

Jurong Shipyard Ltd and Jurong Engineering Ltd

Tan Teck Chwee Scholarship

Keppel Corporation Limited

Keppel Bursary for Engineering

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, Board of Trustees

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Scholarship/Bursary

Kwontuhm Pte Limited

Boogle Bursary

Lady Helen Song

Sir Ong Siang Song Trust Scholarship

Lee Foundation

Lee Foundation Bursary

Lee Foundation NUS Endowment Fund

Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarship
Lee Kong Chian - NUS Global Merit Scholarship

Lions Community Service Foundation

Lions Community Service Foundation Bursary

Loo Geok Eng Foundation

Loo Geok Eng Foundation Bursary

Lubrizol Southeast Asia Pte Ltd

Lubrizol Bursary

Mapletree Pte Ltd

Mapletree Bursary

Mdm Christine Gan

Sonny Gan Chew Keng Bursary

Mdm Lim Poh Choo Hannah

Hannah's Blessings Bursary

Mdm Lim Song Kie

Ong Sin Seng and Lim Song Kie Bursary

Mdm Tan Poh Suan and Mr Chee Swee Hock

Chee Teng Hee Bursary

Mdm Te Lay Hoon

TLH Bursary

Messrs Rodyk & Davidson, Advocates and Solicitors

Dentons Rodyk Scholarship

Ministry of Education

President’s Graduate Fellowship
NUS Research Scholarship
University Engineering Scholarship
SMA Graduate Fellowship
Higher Education Community Bursary
Higher Education Bursary

Mr and Mrs Kamal Kant

Mr & Mrs Kamal Kant Bursary

Mr Chia Kum Ho

Chia Siew Wong Bursary

Mr Chin Thoe Chong

Chin Peng Lim and Chin Kim Choo Bursary

Mr Chng Hak Peng

Chng Siew Hong and Chua Hwee Cheng Bursary

Mr Chong Kee Hiong

Loke Choy Sim & Chong Kee Hiong Bursary

Mr Choo Chong Ngen

Worldwide Hotels – Choo Chong Ngen Bursary

Mr Dhershini Govin Winodan

Dhershini and Kotteri Winodan Bursary

Mr Eddie Chng Weng Wah

Eddie Chng Weng Wah Bursary

Mr Goh Chong Khing, Ms Goh Peck Hong

Irene Low Science and Law Bursary

Mr Herman R. Hochstadt

Hochstadt NUS Bursary

Mr Hoong Yik Luen and The Community Foundation of Singapore

Yik Luen and Wei Han Bursary

Mr Jack Chua

ERA Student Foundation Bursary

Mr Kenneth Mark Lai Chin Kui

Kenneth and Jacelyn Lai Bursary

Mr Khoo Hock Tin

Khoo Hock Tin Bursary
Khoo Teck Quee Scholarship/Bursary

Mr Lam Kun Kin

Rebecca Sam Kwai Him Memorial Bursary
Sam Kwai Cheng (岑桂清) Bursary

Mr Lee Jun Kai Ken

Ken Lee Belleview Research Scholarship

Mr Lee Lap Wah, George

Lee Hsyau Beng Family Bursary

Mr Leow Mah Sang

Leow-Chan Heng Kee Scholarship

Mr Lim Jit Soon and Ms Lee Seok Imm

Tang Wan Lin Bursary

Mr Lim Lay Yew

Esco Micro Bursary

Mr Liu Chengliang

Liu Yuchen Bursary

Mr Loh Boon Chye

LBC Family Bursary

Mr Low Sze Gin, Mr Low Sze Wee, Ms Low Su-Lin

Lee Guat Hiong Bursary

Mr N. G. Chanrai

Kewalram Chanrai Scholarship

Mr Ng Kah Ho

Ng Chee Chuan Bursary

Mr Ouyang Xiuzhang

Hanxing Bursary

Mr Pang Cheng Duan

Pang Wee Kar and Tan Kai Mun Bursary

Mr Paul Loo and Ms Esther Teresa Tang

The Cocoa Trees Bursary

Mr Sin Boon Ann

Sin Jeok Tong Bursary

Mr S.K. Lee

S.K. Lee Bursary

Mr Tan Mok Koon

Tan Mok Koon Bursary

Mr Tan Wang Cheow

Tan Bian Chye & Lim Siew Kheng Bursary

Tan Wang Cheow & Tan Guek Ming Bursary

Mr Tay Kim Huat

Tay Heng Seng Bursary

Mr Teo Kim Leng

Mr & Mrs Teo Kim Leng Bursary

Mr Vincent Lim Kian Huat

Vincent Lim and Tan Sew Ngo Scholarship

Mr Yeap Lam Kheng

TL Yeap Bursary

Mr Yong Voon Chen

Yong Fong Lim and Wong Yok Hin Bursary

Mr Yong Voon Chen and his family

Yong Fong Lim and Wong Yok Hin Scholarship

Mrs Anastasia Tjendri-Liew

Anastasia Liew Bursary

Mrs Cherry Lee Ah Loa

Dr Lee Ah Loa Memorial Bursary

Mrs Chiang-Yong Liew Chin

Yong Shou Lin Memorial Bursary

Mrs Daisy L. Pang

Daisy and Robert Pang Scholarship

Mr Davinder Singh

Gurbachan Kaur Bursary

Mrs Ng Kia Jin

Low Yuet Sum & Ou Sang Yoon Bursary

Mrs VR Nathan

VR Nathan Bursary

Mrs Williams Tryntje Dina Margaretha

Margaretha Williams Bursary

Ms Kan Sou Tin

Kan Theng Hee Bursary

Ms Lee Hwee Lian

Lee Hwee Lian Scholarship

Ms Nancy Tan Siew Lan

Nancy Tan Siew Lan Bursary

Ms Ng Kim Neo

Ng Kim Neo Scholarship

Ms Tay Sok Kian

Ong Gwake Meng Bursary

Mrs Ngiam

Ngiam Tong Dow Scholarship

Neoasia Pte Ltd

Neoasia Bursary

NUS Alumni & Friends

Malaysian Community Bursary

NUS Alumni & Friends Scholarship

NUS Alumni Bursary Fund

NUS Alumni - Wong Ah Long Bursary

NUS Campus Couples Bursary

NUSS Golf Section Bursary

NUSSU and NUSSU Alumni Bursary

Existing and former members of the NUS Board of Trustees

NUS Trustees Bursary

NUS Co-op

NUS Co-op Bursary

NUS Endowment Fund

NUS Global Merit Scholarship
NUS Merit Scholarship
NUS Performing & Visual Arts Scholarship
NUS Sports Scholarship

NUS Staff Club

NUS Staff Club Bursary

Office of Alumni Relations

NUS Alumni Bursary

OK Foundation

OK Foundation Bursary

Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore (Private Limited)

Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore Scholarship

Professor Anne Pakir

The Pakir Scholarship

Quantedge Foundation

Quantedge Foundation Award

The late Professor Saw Swee Hock

Saw Swee Hock Bursary

Professor Ho Teck Hua

Provost's Bursary

Shaw Foundation

Shaw Foundation Scholarship

Shook Lin & Bok LLP

Shook Lin & Bok LLP Scholarship

Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography

Ooi Jin Bee Scholarship

Singapore Leong Khay Huay Kuan

Singapore Leong Khay Huay Kuan Bursary

Singapore Malayalee Association

Singapore Malayalee Bursary

Singapore Soka Association

Singapore Soka Education Bursary

Singapore Taxi Academy

Singapore Taxi Academy Bursary

Singapore Turf Club

Singapore Turf Club Scholarship/Bursary

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Scholarship

TAK Products & Services Pte Ltd

TAK Bursary

T.S.K Investment Co Pte Ltd

Tan Siak Kew Scholarship/Bursary
Tan Siak Kew – NUS Merit Scholarship

Tan Joo Kee Trust Fund
Estate of the late Eveleen Tan

Tan Joo Kee Bursary

Telstra Singapore

Telstra Singapore Bursary

The Estate of Tan Sri Khoo Teck Puat

Khoo Teck Puat Scholarship

The Gandhi Centenary Celebrations Committee of Singapore

Mahatma Gandhi Bursary

The late founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew

LKY-Step Award

The late Dr Sellapan Ramanathan

Abhirami Sellapan Bursary 

K.P. Nandey Bursary

The late Mr Koh Yen Bock

Koh Yen Bock Scholarship

The late Mr Tan Jiak Chuan

Tan Jiak Chuan Scholarship

The late Mr Terence Khoo

Terence Khoo Medical Bursary

The Silent Foundation

The Silent Environment Bursary

Thomson Shin Min Foundation

Thomson Shin Min Foundation Bursary

Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Toyota Scholarship

Trustees of the Pesi B Davar Memorial Bursary Fund

Pesi B Davar Memorial Bursary

Trustees of The Wan Boo Sow Charity Fund Limited

Wan Boo Sow and Annie Tan Bursary

United Overseas Bank

Wee Cho Yaw Future Leaders Award

Wan Boo Sow Family

Annie Tan (Mrs Wan Boo Sow)
Professional Bursary

Wee Hur Holdings Ltd

Wee Hur Bursary

Wilmar International Limited

Wilmar Scholarship/Bursary

Windmill International Pte Ltd

Peter S T Lim Bursary
Windmill International Bursary

Woh Hup (Pte) Ltd

Woh Hup Bursary

Yangzheng Foundation

Yangzheng Foundation Bursary

Yoonhee Annhow Foundation

Sri Solidarity Jaya Scholarship



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