NUS President’s Message






Dear Graduates,

My warmest congratulations to the classes of 2020 and 2021!

It has been a difficult and tumultuous period for all of us. But we are glad that you have successfully completed your course of study at NUS, and taking your next steps into a future filled with promise as well as challenges.

Our first ever virtual Commencement this year marks an important milestone in your life, as we gather together online to celebrate this joyous occasion with your families and loved ones. While this may not be the same as in-person ceremonies, my colleagues and I are thrilled to be able to join you, your family and friends to mark this passage in a safe and meaningful manner.

The COVID-19 pandemic has vividly demonstrated how uncertain and volatile the world can be. Many of you have had to adjust your post-graduation plans. Some have moved quickly to seize new opportunities; others may feel more uncertain, or need more time to decide on the next steps.

The post-COVID landscape will require new mindsets, skills and knowledge in an environment of greater flux and disruption. Continuous learning will be a critical factor in ensuring future viability and success. We will support your learning and development journey ahead. NUS strongly embraces the value of lifelong learning, and we will help our alumni, and the wider public, in their diverse learning needs and aspirations, and elevate their relevance in a changing world.

You are graduating in challenging times indeed, but let not this pandemic deter you from realising your goals. NUS’ unique blend of rigorous academics and rich experiential learning has broadened your outlook, sharpened your intellect, and deepened awareness of your interests and aptitudes. I am confident that you have the talent and indomitable spirit to persevere as you explore the options ahead.

As you step into the next phase of your life, we wish you, our newest alumni, every success ahead. We also hope you will seek out opportunities to give back to society using your unique skills, experiences and talents. In so doing, you will help create new possibilities for others, and enrich society as a whole – this best embodies NUS’ ethos of service to community.

Once again, my congratulations to all our graduates!

Professor Tan Eng Chye
National University of Singapore

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