Frequently Asked Questions on Academic Dress

Q1. I am a Concurrent Degree Programme (CDP) graduate. Which gown should I wear for my ceremony?

CDP graduates should wear the higher degree gown regardless of the ceremony that you are attending. There is no need to purchase/rent two sets of different gowns.


Q2. Is there a robing area at UCC?

Yes, graduates should wear their Academic Dress at the Graduate’s Robing Room at Function Room 1. There are mirrors, and Serangoon Broadway Staff to assist you. Your guests may accompany you into the Graduate’s Robing Room.


Q3. I am a Double Degree Programme (DDP) graduate. Which gown/hood should I wear for my ceremony?

For DDP graduates who are attending both ceremonies of their degrees, the base gown is the same. You will need to wear the hood corresponding to the degree that is presented at the respective ceremony. You can refer to the Hood Colours for more information.


Q4. I have an existing/second-hand gown. Can I use it for my ceremony?

We strongly advise graduates to buy or rent an Academic Dress from Serangoon Broadway as the material used by other vendors will be different, resulting in differences in the shade of color from the rest of your graduating peers.


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