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Assessment ES1000 is a 100% Continuous Assessment course.
Units Nil
Workload 2-2-0-2-2
Preclusion(s) Nil

This is a required course for students whose Qualifying English Test results show that they would benefit from basic English language skills support. Students in the course must pass this course before they are allowed to read the next required English course, English for Academic Purposes (ES1102/ES1103). The purpose of ES1000 is to improve the students' English language skills in reading, writing and grammar. These skills are taught, reviewed and reinforced through online, in-class and appropriate out-of-class activities. Assignments include reflections, written assignments and progress tests.

This course is taught over 1 semester with a two-hour online lecture/discussion/quiz and a two-hour sectional teaching per week.

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Assessment ES1103 is a 100% Continuous Assessment course.
Units Four
Workload 0-4-0-3-3

1. Placement through the Qualifying English Test or a pass in ES1000.

2. Only students who matriculated in AY2016/17 and onwards can take ES1103

Preclusion(s) ES1102

ES1103 serves as a bridging course for students who have taken the university's Qualifying English Test and are deemed to require additional language support for the academic context. It aims to equip students with the knowledge of the academic genre and the ability to apply such knowledge in academic communication. The course adopts a reading-into-writing approach using themed readings as springboard texts for students' writing and provides opportunities for analysing and internalising ways of organising academic texts. Students will acquire essential academic skills required to cope with the rigour of academic writing at a tertiary level.

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FAS1101 is a 100% Continuous Assessment course.

Units Four
Workload 1-2-0-0-7
  1. Non-CHS students
  2. Students who have read and passed ES1531/GEK1549/GET1021 or ES1501%

  3. Students who have read and passed ES2531, ES2631, SP1541, UTW1001% and RVX100%

This course develops and applies the core strategies that underlie successful academic writing. These include writing with clarity and precision, analysing how authors argue, organizing and expressing ideas to guide readers through a line of reasoning, citing and documenting sources, revising the content, wording, and organization of a paper, as well as surface features such as spelling and punctuation. Students gain an appreciation of the basics of academic writing through three units, which correspond to the three stages of writing - introduction, body, and conclusion.

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