The Goldilocks Factor to Winning Self-introductions

Following from the fully subscribed first run in November 2022, the Oral Communication Camp Team ran this workshop, twice more in March 2023. The topic seems to be useful as we were fully subscribed within minutes of the e-poster being sent out. There was even a waiting list.

Participants who attended said that the strategies shared for composing and customizing self-introductions for different contexts were helpful. Even more helpful was the individual feedback given to their practice introductions. A key to crafting apposite self-introductions is knowing what one’s purpose is and which aspect of one’s self needs to be highlighted.

The difficulty about self-introductions sometimes is that although we know ourselves very well, what we do not know is which bits of ourselves to share with whom and when. This workshop worked on how to work out that Goldilocks’ factor of what is not too long, not too short but just right.

The runs on 1st and 15th  March 2023 were conducted by Dara Richard and Lee Gek Ling with Tim Groombridge respectively. They much enjoyed meeting with the diverse participants from all faculties, both staff and students.

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