Writing Consultations


The WCH provides one-to-one consultations for students at every stage of their assignment preparation process (from gathering ideas to revising a draft), and offers help with any aspect of their writing and oral presentations (from specific assignments to general writing and communication skills). The WCH is staffed by tutors who provide these consultations at no charge to the student.


How to prepare for the WCH consultation:
- Tutors do not proofread nor edit papers.They work with you on higher-order concerns to increase the quality of the work as   a whole.
- You help set the agenda for the conference.The consultant needs to know what you are trying to accomplish, what you have   trouble with, etc.
- You will think, write and talk about how you write. You will also discuss the writing process in general.
- Our aim is two-fold: to help you with your concerns about the paper at hand and to suggest to you something new about the   craft of writing.


What to expect from the WCH consultation:
- Bring two copies of your paper if you are working on a draft, one for you and one for the consultant.
- Bring the assignment sheet if you are working on a particular course assignment. This will help the tutor provide good   feedback.
- Bring a copy of your instructor’s comments if you want to discuss how to include feedback you already received on the   assignment.
- If you have notes, previous writing, a particular text, and/or research materials related to your draft, bring them to the   appointment.

WCH Consultation - Locations and Hours


11 February 2019 – 12 April 2019 (Week 5 – 12)


Day Start Time End Time Venue
Monday 14:00 16:00 Central Library
16:00 17:00 Central Library
Tuesday 12:00 13:00 UTown
12:00 13:00 Central Library
15:00 17:00 Central Library
16:00 17:00 UTown
Wednesday 14:00 15:00 Central Library
15:00 17:00 Central Library
16:00 18:00 UTown
Thursday 09:00 11:00 Central Library
14:00 16:00 UTown
16:00 17:00 Central Library
Friday 10:00 11:00 Central Library
12:00 13:00 Central Library
14:00 16:00 UTown
15:00 17:00 Central Library



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Conversation Sessions


The WCH also holds conversation classes for students who want to practice casual, English-language conversation in a friendly and supportive environment. In the first half of the semester, enhance your general conversation skills, such as agreeing/disagreeing, turn-taking, and picking up conversational threads. In the second half of the semester, learn specific skills, such as questioning, building on and challenging ideas and opinions, for academic conversations for tutorials, seminars and conferences. 


What to expect from the conversation class:
- Informal, English-language conversation in a supportive environment.
- Conversation on a variety of interesting topics guided by our tutors.
- Tips and feedback on a range of general and academic conversation skills
- Conversation sessions that are 1 hour long.
- Between two and five students in a class. Make new friends, or bring your own!


Conversation Hub - Location and Hours


14 January 2019 – 15 March 2019 (Week 1 – 8)


Day Start Time End Time Venue
Monday 10:00 11:00 U Town
13:00 14:00 U Town
Thursday 10:00 11:00 U Town
13:00 14:00 U Town



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