The Writing and Communication Hub (WCH) is a place where NUS students can get help with their writing, oral presentations, and conversation skills. There are currently three stations:


* Central Library Station (Central Library, Level 6)


* University Town PC Commons, Meeting Room 6 (UTown Education Resource Centre, Level 1)


* CELC Station (CELC Building, Level 2)


Writing Consultations


The WCH provides one-to-one consultations for students at every stage of their assignment preparation process (from gathering ideas to revising a draft), and offers help with any aspect of their writing and oral presentations (from specific assignments to general writing and communication skills). The WCH is staffed by tutors who provide these consultations at no charge to the student.


Please note that WCH tutors do NOT proofread student work.


Instead, they help students become capable writers by focusing on higher-order concerns such as reasoning, style, organization, thesis-writing and transitions.


Conversation Sessions


The WCH also holds conversation classes for students who want to practice casual, English-language conversation in a friendly and supportive environment. In the first half of the semester, enhance your general conversation skills, such as agreeing/disagreeing, turn-taking, and picking up conversational threads. In the second half of the semester, learn specific skills, such as questioning, building on and challenging ideas and opinions, for academic conversations for tutorials, seminars and conferences. 


Do feel free to sign up with your friends to a maximum of 5 students! Please note the separate booking link below.


WCH Consultation - Locations and Hours



Day Start Time End Time Venue
Tuesday 1430 1630 U Town
1530 1730 Library
Wednesday 1000 1200 Library
1100 1300 U Town
1400 1500 U Town
1300 1700 CELC
Thursday 1400 1600 Library
1500 1700 U Town
Friday 1400 1700 U Town
1430 1630 Library
1430 1630 CELC



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Conversation Hub - Location and Hours



Day Start Time End Time Venue
Monday 0900 1000 U Town
Monday 1200 1300 U Town
Thursday 0900 1000 U Town
Thursday 1200 1300 U Town



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To learn more about what the WCH does (and does not do), please read our policy page.


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