Sports Management Committee (SMC)

SMC handles all sports related events and the welfare of athletes in hall. It aims to promote a sporting culture within eusoffians by organising events like IBG, Banner Rev and IHG opening and closing ceremonies. SMC also supports our athletes through IHG with welfare supper and recovery sessions.

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Dance Production Committee

Eusoff Hall Dance and Drama Production is an annual performance organized by our very own Eusoff Hall student body. The production weaves together dance and drama to tell a story and is a platform for all Eusoffians, current and graduated, to explore and learn dance of different genres and styles, and to challenge one’s comfort zone as an actor. The largest cultural event of the year encourages the fostering of camaraderie and lasting friendships across batches while ensuring excellence in our performance


Cultural Management Committee (CMC)

CMC strives for the effective management of all cultural groups and cultural-related events in Eusoff. By being the core of Eusoff’s Arts, such efforts will serve to influence and hone the artistic talents of Eusoffians while involving all Eusoffians as far as possible with the overall aim of inspiring people, within and beyond Eusoff, through the power of one’s artistic abilities and hardwork.


Special Projects Team (SPT)

SPT is a committee dedicated to planning and delivering exciting events that can engage all residents of the hall. In the process, residents are able to experience a vibrant and enjoyable hall life in accompaniment to their academic schedule. In working together an a single entity that is greater than the sum of its parts, we hope that Eusoffians will find opportunities to forge new memories with their fellow Eusoffians, past and present.


Hall Relations Board (HRB)

With the hearts of Eusoffians in mind, Hall Relations Board (HRB) aims to bring a sense of belonging and cultivate bonds of friendship regardless of background. We aim to forge everlasting bonds through our events that incorporates Bonding, Heritage and Welfare.


EusoffWorks (EW) 

EusoffWorks provides the hall with high quality media support and content. We ensure that each and every member grows in skill and expertise during their journey in EusoffWorks, encouraging and nurturing creativity in members which can aid them in future endeavours. Throughout the Academic Year, there will be many opportunities for members to try out a variety of new skills, such as photography, designing and more.


Hall Promotion Board (HPB)

Hall Promotion Board is a small tight knit committee in charge of exposing Eusoff and our hall culture to those who are not from hall! Our events are all dealing with external relations (rather than internal hall activities). HPB is dedicated to showcasing Eusoff to the rest of NUS and allowing freshmen to know more about us!

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Block Committees

The Block Committee aims to inculcate a familial culture in all block residents through major events as well as smaller-scale events or activities throughout the semester. The Block Committee is also responsible of taking care of the the morale and welfare of the block. Members will also be involved in the planning and execution of events planned by the Hall Management Committee (HMC).


Eusoff Expeditions

Expeditions 19/20 envisions for our members to appreciate the importance of giving back to society, and to be driven in engaging in the endearing cycle of service for the community. The aspect of learning emphasizes on intra and inter-personal skills that members can draw upon through the conduct of various activities, thereby nurturing them as better individuals.


Eusoff Voluntary Corp (EVC): Elderly Services

The Elderly Service wing aims to allow our members to experience the spirit of volunteerism especially in helping the elderly through various acts such as food delivery, interaction, and home visits. We also aim to empower and promote greater interaction with the elderly in York Hill and Jalan Kukoh neighbourhood by encouraging them to participate in events organised by the wing.


Eusoff Voluntary Corp (EVC): MINDS

The Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) is a voluntary welfare organisation that provides various services to the intellectually challenged. Activities are categorised into 3 portions: Community Mobility, Indoor Activities and Swimming. These activities allow members to interact with people of different backgrounds and adopt a spirit of volunteerism.


Eusoff Voluntary Corp (EVC): The Salvation Army

Our committee aims to develop driven and empathetic volunteers in Eusoff Hall who are able to render both academic and moral support to at-risk children and youths at Salvation Army - The Haven.

green comm

Green Committee

Green Committee aims to educate and raise awareness among Eusoffians towards the importance of green living. Members will act as model examples and spread the message among their friends and young adults in the campus. Our projects targets to instill a sense of responsibility to each and every Eusoffian to contribute and play a part in conserving our environment.


Eusoff Hackers

We develop products for Eusoffians and provide a platform for Eusoffians to learn tech development. In Semester 1, we will focus on development of projects from JCRC, Hall office and other CCAs. In Semester 2, we will focus of teaching of Juniors for continuation and self-initiated projects.


Finance Committee

The Finance committee oversees the hall’s financial matters and guides the treasurers in the reimbursement process. It takes charge of the Budget Defence where CCA leaders will present and pitch for their proposed budget.


Elections Committee

Eusoff Elections Committee will supervise and conduct the elections, by-elections of the block heads and JCRC members. The selection of Eusoff’s future leader is an important task and we will make sure that the candidates and the Eusoffian body can exercise their full rights in contesting and voting for the betterment of


Auditor Committee

We mainly conduct inventory check. It requires comm members to check the various equipment in the respective blocks/committees and fill them out in excel sheets. In semester 1, we start off with beginning the semester inventory check while in semester 2, we end the semester by preparing for inventory handover.