Eusoff Charity Golf

Eusoff Charity Golf Event 2023

Eusoff Hall, a residential hall at the National University of Singapore is an illustrious hall which has produced many notable members of Singaporean society.  Its history dates back to Eusoff College, the first female student residence at the former University of Malaya in Singapore, which was founded in 1958 at the old Bukit Timah campus.  It was renamed Eusoff Hall in 1988 upon its relocation to Kent Ridge campus where the Hall stands today.  Today Eusoff Hall houses a total of 485 students each academic year.

We are organising this event to raise fund for the Eusoff Endowed Bursary to help our financially disadvantaged students. We have observed worsening financial difficulties among our students that affect their studies.  An endowed bursary will provide a perpetual source of funding to support needy students for generations to come.

Watch this space for the latest updates including the dates and details of the event!

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Eusoff Charity Golf 2018



We would like to thank the following organizations for their part in the event

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