Eusoff Anthem & Crest

The Eusoff Anthem

Eusoff our great hall thee we praise
Swelling forth our mighty chorus
We will strive through all our days
Fight to keep the torch ablaze
Lit by those who went before us
Now we know thou art deserving
As our seniors knew of yore
Of our loyalty unswerving
EUSOFF to the fore

Eusoff in years to come our best
Still we'll keep thee onward fighting
True to thee through every test
Winning 'neath thy badge and crest
Thus our love for thee expressing
Time will show thou art deserving
As the years roll by still more
With our loyalty unswerving
EUSOFF to the fore.


Our Motto - Excellence and Harmony
To strive for the best, as well as to live in harmony with those around them.

The Open Book
The unquenchable thirst in every Eusoffian for knowledge and academic achievement.

The Colors
The heart of every Eusoffian,
Painted maroon with courage,
Gold with magnificence,
And white with sincerity.

The Eagle
The indomitable spirit of all Eusoffians.
The ceaseless pursuit of excellence and harmony.

The Vanda Miss Joachim Orchid
(National flower of Singapore)
Loyalty, dignity, integrity, and honour to the hall and nation, coupled with the balance of harmony, beauty and grace.