Eusoff Bursary

Purpose of Award

To provide either full or partial subsidy towards the cost of hall fees (which include room and food charges) for accepted or current residents of Eusoff Hall (EH) from low-income families facing financial difficulties.
The bursary is a hall initiative to cover these costs to alleviate the financial burden on the resident so that the resident may be able to focus on the achievement of academic excellence and contribute towards the EH community.

Eligibility Requirements

i.      Applicants must be currently enrolled or officially admitted into the NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE. 
ii.     Applicants will be considered based on their family's financial situation and any other mitigating circumstances.
iii.    The award is open to all residents who have stayed in EH for at least one semester.  Senior students are required to maintain an acceptable GPA of 3.5 score and minimum of 25 CCA points through hall activities.  Applicants must be of sound character and exemplary conduct and have a record of active involvement in hall activities or other such university-related activities. Freshmen will not be eligible to apply for Financial Aid in Semester 1 AY2021/2022. Another round of application will be open in Semester 2 AY2021/2022.
iv.     Applicants currently holding any other form of grants/bursaries/scholarships through the University are welcome to apply, though they may not be able to hold two or more grants/bursaries/scholarships concurrently and may have to give up one of them ultimately. Please note that MOE/CDC/CCC Bursary recipients are allowed to hold a hall bursary concurrently.

Nature of Award

Applicants who meet the above criteria will be evaluated for one of the following bursary schemes available, which can involve:
i.   total or partial waiver of hostel fees, or
ii.  a casual work opportunity for the Hall Office (up to a maximum of 16 hours per week and the payments will be used to pay for part of the hostel fees)