The WCH-Undergraduate peer tutors are from across all disciplines and levels (see profiles). The 8 peer tutors are: Timothy Yee, Saloni Baxi, Win Lae Yee, Mira Ho, Rachel Clare de Silva, Kay Yeo, Oon Jie Rui and Jannatun Tajrian (Not pictured – Win Lae Yee and Mira Ho).


The faculty committee supporting the WCH-U are: Doreen Tan, Sarah P Somarajan, Amelyn A Thompson, Netty H binte Zaini Mattar, Jinat R Begum and Jonathan Phan (all pictured).

We launched in Semester 1 of AY22/23 and served 102 unique tutees in the first semester. Almost 182 tutoring hours were fulfilled, over 7 weeks.

NUS undergraduates can book a tutoring session easily through the WConline portal, with any tutor they feel comfortable with. They may request for their session to be online or face-to-face, depending on availability.

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