Financial Aid Eligibility

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Undergraduate Students

Your financial need will be determined from information provided by you via the Online Application System. Information you need to provide includes total family income and number of family members dependent on that income. Mitigating circumstances such as critical/terminal illness, mental/physical disability in the family etc, will also be taken into account when we assess your financial need. To be eligible for consideration, applicant:

  • must be a full-time registered undergraduate student in NUS or has been offered admission to NUS;
  • must have made satisfactory progress towards completion of his/her academic programme, if applicant is a registered student.

Note: Students who are offered admission without the MOE Tuition Grant will not be eligible for Financial Aid throughout their entire course candidature.

Graduate Students

NUS has an array of financial assistance and scholarships/awards available to help graduate students finance their studies in the University. Please visit the Registrar's Office website for more information.