Wong Mun Loke

Wong Mun Loke


I enjoy teaching and have always wanted to be able to contribute to education. This was evident from the early days of my career, where as a dentist, I was actively engaged in patient education both at the chairside and at the population level. While I am still an advocate of health education, I have also pursued my interest in education from a different front as I deepened my interests in educating our young. Learning to engage my students; sharing with them my knowledge and experiences as well as inspiring them to apply public health principles and soft skills such as effective communication in their clinical practice are key ingredients which add much flavour to my role as an educator. Apart from my students, I also believe in building collegial communities of fellow educators who can encourage one another to bring out the best in everyone so that together, we will be able to scale the greatest heights in our efforts to educate and empower the next generation.


After graduating with his Bachelor Dental Surgery degree from NUS, Mun Loke worked in the Health Promotion Board for over 10 years where he was engaged in clinical dental services and health promotion across dental and general health issues.  After his post-graduate training in Dental Public Health, Mun Loke returned to teach in his alma mater as a part-time tutor in 2003.  A decade later, he joined the University full-time as a Senior Lecturer where he continued to contribute to the teaching of Dental Public Health.  Apart from Dental Public Health, Mun Loke is also actively engaged in teaching Behavioural Science in the undergraduate curriculum.  Patient-dentist communication and behavioural change in patients are two key areas which he is especially passionate about.  Mun Loke is currently the Vice Dean (Academic Affairs) in the Faculty of Dentistry.  In addition to overseeing the planning, operationalisation and monitoring of the Bachelor of Dental Surgery programme for the undergraduates, Mun Loke still runs classes and also engages in education-related research with the desire to share best practices in dental education.  Mun Loke has been instrumental in driving various changes including the assessment of communication skills in clinical practice.  He also takes an interest in the professional development of academic staff and has contributed to various Faculty-level initiatives to support this.

About being a part of the Academy…

I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Academy.  I look forward to the interactions with fellow colleagues from the teaching community on campus as I believe in rich cross-Faculty and cross-discipline sharing which will allow us to distil the finest essence in teaching.  This will undoubtedly help us to support each other, hone our teaching skills and further fan the fire of our passion in education.

Teaching Strengths

Small-group teaching / Communication teaching

Teaching Awards

  • Faculty of Dentistry Teaching Excellence Award AY2013/2014
  • Faculty of Dentistry Teaching Excellence Award AY2014/2015
  • NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award AY2014/2015