Other Resources

Other Resources

Academy Fellows have engaged in numerous projects and endeavours related to varied areas of teaching and learning in our institution. Motivated by:

  • Our institutional strategic needs
  • Concerns given voice by our teaching community
  • Fellows’ understanding of our teaching and learning landscape

these projects leverage on the multi-disciplinary strengths of NUSTA Fellows. Many of them culminate in well-researched, evidence-backed conclusions, recommendations and reports. Some of these reports are collected here so that the learning can be shared.

Academy Pedagogical Research Projects

Report Name 

Fellows involved
Teaching Mentorship NUSTA Guidebook
  • Willie Tan, Soo Yuen Jien, Kelvin Foong, Yanika Kowitlawakul, Tan Wee Kek, Teo Chiang Juay, Ravi Chandran s/o Thiagaraj, Grace Wong, Susan Ang, Ng Cheng Cheng (Office Mgr)
Suggested Best Practices for Teaching Workload Allocation
  • Aaron Danner, Adrian Michael Lee, Teo Chiang Juay, Zhou Weibiao, Ng Cheng Cheng (Office Mgr)