Nancy Webster Gleason

Nancy Webster Gleason

Was a member of the Academy from 2018 to 2019

I aspire to take my students’ learning to the next level in that they are challenged to apply the content of the social sciences in new and innovative ways. It is not enough for them to memorize content. Applying the pedagogy of authentic learning and project-based learning I scaffold into my curriculum assignments that which push the students outside of their cognitive comfort zone. My assessment of student work and corresponding feedback apply benchmarked skills and inform students what they need to do to take course content to the next level of higher order thinking. I aspire to motivate students through curriculum and pedagogy. I want them to learn how to learn in my classroom, not what to learn.

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Nancy W. Gleason is Director of the Centre for Teaching & Learning at Yale-NUS, Singapore, where she overseas faculty development in teaching and student support in learning through the distinctive pedagogy of the liberal arts. She is a Senior Lecturer of Global Affairs in the Social Sciences Division, teaching and researching on pathways of globalisation, higher education, liberal arts education in Asia, and the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). She is editor and contributor to Higher Education in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Palgrave Press 2018).

About being a part of the Academy…

I am delighted to be a fellow in the Academy at NUS. We all have so much to learn from each other across disciplines. I value most the opportunity to learn across faculties and share pedagogies from across the disciplines. I also welcome the opportunity to help shape Univeristy policy relating to teaching and learning as we welcome adult learners. This is especially important for how we engage our amazing alumni in lifelong learning.