Lee Kooi Cheng

Lee Kooi Cheng

Was a member of the Academy from 2012 to 2018

"I believe that teaching is like a partnership: a multi-faceted partnership involving stakeholders who consist of the student, the teacher, the school or institution, the industry and the public. In each partnership, there are expectations, intended outcomes and aspirations; the success of these three aspects is a culmination of the effort and commitment put in by all parties. My commitment as a teacher in this relationship is to create a learning environment that has ample opportunities and avenues for my students to realize and maximize their potentials. I also hope to inspire them to have the passion and conviction to keep on learning and sharing, within and beyond the classroom."


I joined the Centre for English Language Communication (CELC) in 2000 and have coordinated and taught a wide range of modules offered by the Centre, from pre-matriculated to graduate courses.  The past decade at the Centre has been challenging and rewarding.  In every module that I teach, there are different ways of engaging students and helping them make sense of why and what they are learning.  In terms of research, I am interested in classroom-based or pedagogical investigations that help to bridge theory and practice. One area that I have been actively pursuing is to look at how content is built or developed and what the interaction patterns are in online discussions. At present, I coordinate two grant projects with two other CELC colleagues, each amounting to around S$400,000.  The projects involve collaboration with English language teachers in Indonesia, Lao PDR, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.

Teaching Awards / Accolades

  • NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award, AY2010/2011
  • Centre for English Language Communication Commendation for Teaching Excellence (Basic English & English for Academic Purposes Category, AY2010/2011
  • NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award, AY2006/2007
  • Centre for English Language Communication Commendation for Teaching Excellence (Professional Communication Category, AY2010/2011