Ashwin M Khambadkone

Ashwin M Khambadkone


My goal is to be more proficient and compassionate while enabling all learners to achieve their true potential, whereby they will be filled with a sense of joy and fulfilment.

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A/Prof Ashwin M Khambadkone is from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering. Ashwin is passionate about education. For him, education is about creating learning environments that draws out the best from the learner. Ashwin has a graduate certificate in education and has worked on methods of assessment and its effects on learning. He has published his findings at International Conference for Engineering Education. As a teacher he is always exploring ways to create learning environments where the learner will be able to manage their own learning. He has been teaching both at Undergraduate and Graduate level and has focused on classroom activities that focus on thinking and learning activities in classroom. Ashwin is actively engaged in all aspects of tertiary education: curriculum design, teaching methodologies, assessment method, quality assurance and accreditation. He has been the member of the curriculum task force of his department since its inception in 1999 and has co-chaired the accreditation task force for his department for two accreditation exercises. He has designed criterion based continuous assessment for his department’s Final year Project module and has used innovative teaching methods such as Problem assisted learning in large classes. He has published his results of action research in education at International Conference on Engineering and IEEE workshop on Education. He has contributed articles to CDTLink and Ideas on Teaching. He has been on teaching honors list and commendation list for many years and has received the Engineering Educator Award for 2006/2007 and the Outstanding Educator Award for 2008. He has received 3 paper prizes and 3 best presentation prizes from Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE.

Teaching Strengths

  • Always exploring ways to create learning environments where the learner is able to manage their own learning
  • Ability to encourage students to participate in lectures, especially in a large class
  • Provides comprehensive well-designed and thought-provoking materials

Teaching Awards / Accolades

  • Engineering Educator Award, Faculty of Engineering (2006/07)
  • Teaching Honours List, Faculty of Engineering (2004/2005)
  • Teaching Commendation, Faculty of Engineering (2003/2004)
  • Teaching Honours List, Best Tutor, Faculty of Engineering (2002/2003)
  • Best Paper Award, IEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (2002)
  • Second Prize Paper Award, IEE Industry Applications Society, IPCC (2006)
  • 3 Best Presentation Award, Annual Conference of the IEE Industrial Electronics Society, USA (2001, 2004, 2004)
  • Outstanding Paper Award, IEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (1991)