Alice Christudason

Alice Christudason

Was a member of the Academy from 2011 to 2020

"I try to ensure that when a student has taken my Module, it is an experience they will not forget. I want them to discover the joy and value of learning; this is by ensuring that they can clearly see the connection between abstract legal concepts and the built environment in the real world.”

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The following extract from Student Evaluation sums it up:

“She prods our thinking and helps us understand the real world implications of law and also its application. It is a great joy to attend her lessons because one can expect to learn a great deal from it as she will cover real world situations that any lay person could face and provides the necessary information and tools to deal with any future problems we could face. Suffice to say, I have learned a great deal from her and will continue to do so with the tools she has taught”.


Alice Christudason joined academia after several years in legal practice engaged in litigation work. She obtained her LLM and PhD in Land Law from King’s College London and is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Real Estate, School of Design and Environment. She teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as on various executive courses both in NUS and in private-sector organizations. She has won numerous teaching awards at both University and Faculty levels and is currently on the NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Honour Roll.

Alice was Associate Director at the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning at NUS for more than six years. She spearheaded the production of a video on Small Group Learning which is used as a teaching tool for the professional development of new staff and Teaching Assistants at NUS. She has published widely in local as well as international refereed journals on educational pedagogy and her primary interest lies in how students can be engaged and motivated to become self-directed learners. She is currently responsible for Teaching Development in the Department and co-leads a mentorship scheme for new teaching staff.

Teaching Awards / Accolades

  • Honour Roll 2008/2009
  • NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award (2006/7, 2004/5, 2003/4, 2002/3, 2001/2)
  • Faculty of Architecture Excellent Teacher Award (2003/4, 2004/5)
  • “Most Inspiring Lecturer” Award, Department of Real Estate (2001)