Outcome Monitoring

Outcomes are regularly monitored and evaluated through:

Employment Surveys

The Graduate Employment Survey and the Postgraduate Employment Survey are conducted annually. The Graduate Employment Survey serves to establish the employment status and job search experiences of NUS graduates approximately six months post-graduation. It is an avenue utilised by NUS to assess its graduates' employability as well as the relevance of the training they received in accordance with the needs of industry. The Postgraduate Employment Survey's purpose is to obtain information on the economic activity status of graduate students and their salaries at the point of registration for commencement.

Employer Feedback Survey

The Employer Feedback Survey is conducted annually and seeks direct feedback from employers in the public and private sectors on the ability of NUS graduates.

Alumni Surveys

The Graduate Alumni Survey and the Postgraduate Alumni Survey are conducted annually. The purpose of both surveys is to track the career development of NUS graduates and postgraduates two and five years after graduation as well as to solicit feedback on the quality of educational and broader NUS experience that they went through.

Faculty and Student Awards

NUS accords a wide range of awards in recognition of excellence. The awards recognise both students and faculty who, through their consistently high performance and resolute commitment, set new benchmarks in the areas of education, research and service.

The University Awards for faculty include:

For students, a wide range of medals and prizes is also available:

  • University-level Medals and Prizes
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize
    The Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize was launched in August 2006 with the objective of encouraging research among undergraduates at NUS. It is an annual university-wide competition for the best undergraduate researcher(s).