Stricter measures to tackle COVID-19
Internal shuttle bus services will operate as usual

Stricter measures to tackle COVID-19

The evolving COVID-19 situation in Singapore meant that the nation has to make rapid changes to the way we live, work and play. This was the underlying message in Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s address to the nation on 3 April where he spoke on stricter measures and new restrictions including home-based learning, as well as the suspension of all workplace activities and non-essential services between 7 April and 4 May.  

In a subsequent address to the nation on 21 April, Mr Lee updated on an extension of the ‘circuit breaker’ measures until 1 June.

In line with these announcements, the University has made a series of adjustments to its campus services and operations. Essential services such as health and wellness, shuttle buses, utilities and security will continue to operate as usual but there are some changes for NUS Libraries, and dining/retail outlets.

Stricter measures to tackle COVID-19 2 University Health Services (Clinic) continues to serve staff and students

Essential services

  • Health and Wellness
    The University Health Services (Clinic) and University Counselling Services will continue to provide essential medical services to staff and students, with counsellors on-site to attend to crises and walk-in cases. Lifeline NUS (Tel: 6516 7777) is also available 24/7.
  • Shuttle Buses
    The internal shuttle bus services will operate with revised schedules and additional precautionary measures. Only a maximum of 16 commuters, with proper identification, is allowed on board at any one time. Commuters are encouraged to wear masks and observe good social distancing. The NUSmart Shuttle Service has been temporarily suspended since 7 April until further notice. 
  • Utilities and Security
    Other essential services that will continue between 7 April and 1 June include electricity, water and sanitary services; general waste collection, vector control and landscape maintenance; air-conditioning for labs; and campus security.
Other services

  • NUS Libraries
    All libraries will be closed from 8 April to 1 June. For more details and updates, please refer to NUS Libraries’ portal announcement
  • Dining and Retail Outlets
    Dining and retail outlets will continue to serve our campus community for takeaway services only, with shortened hours as shared in the following list. Staff and students are strongly encouraged to bring their own containers for meals.

With fewer staff and students on campus, all access-controlled doors will be locked across campus. Only premises occupied by essential services staff and COVID-19 researchers, as well as venues identified for student study and exams will remain unlocked.

As an additional security measure, the Office of Campus Security personnel may approach staff and students who are on campus to enquire about their presence during this period. Staff who are not part of essential services or approved research activities, and who are unable to provide a valid reason for their presence on campus, will have their particulars submitted to their Heads of Department as well as the Office of Human Resources.

Our OCS personnel will also ensure that staff and students refrain from social gatherings, and comply with social distancing measures such as observing a physical distance of at least one metre away, and not sitting on seats demarcated for non-occupancy. All staff and students on NUS campuses are expected to abide with the COVID (Temporary Measures) Act which came into force on 8 April 2020.

The ‘circuit breaker’ period is challenging, with various inconveniences and disruptions to the way we work, study and go about our daily lives. But these social distancing and other precautionary measures are necessary to keep our campus community safe and healthy.


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