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Developing Employees for an Agile University

As the University affirms its commitment to lifelong learning for its graduates by scaling up its offerings in the Continuing Education and Training (CET) space, it has also pledged to develop a strong employee development programme that supports the growth of its staff. In the past two years, the Employee Development & Engagement, Talent Management (EDE/TM) team from the Office of Human Resources (OHR) has systematically introduced several initiatives to set up a comprehensive Employee Development Roadmap. 

Beginning with the Data Literacy Programme (DLP) and Artificial Intelligence Competency Programme (AICP), these foundational programmes are designed to provide an entry point for staff to understand new technologies and consider the applications to their work. As of December 2022, 3100 staff have completed the DLP Basic and AICP Basic courses while 180 staff have signed up for DLP Intermediate and Advanced.

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A DLP (Intermediate) Class being led by Dr Liu Yiqun.


A plethora of digital learning platforms is also now available for NUS staff to tap on for their further learning needs. Linkedin Learning was introduced in May 2020, followed quickly by Coursera, edX and Gartner. CHRS Learning also continues to offer annual training courses selected by the OHR EDE/TM team for their broad relevance for all staff. Accompanying this, NUS President Tan Eng Chye announced that two half days every month could be set aside as ‘Learning Days’ for staff to purposefully engage in learning and development.

“We recognise that NUS has a diverse workforce with varying training needs, and we are committed to continuously enhancing our employee development initiatives that will help our people to thrive and flourish in the workplace,” shared Mr Clarence Ti, Deputy President (Administration).

The latest wave of enhancements to the employee development programmes has centred on the introduction of support schemes for deep skilling. Eligible E&A Staff may tap on:

Rounding out these offerings is NUS Talented, a platform where staff can perform an analysis of the skills they require for their job roles and explore the competencies they need to achieve their career aspirations. As NUS Talented uses AI intelligence, it will continuously learn from user inputs to improve its recommendations of training courses and skills required to help users. Added Ms Katherine Choo, Deputy Director, OHR EDE/TM, “We hope that these new career development initiatives have and will continue to empower our staff to take ownership of their professional development, contributing towards a culture of lifelong learning among our staff.”


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