Cheers to effective performance
The passionate CHRS team championing an enhanced HR experience for NUS staff

Cheers to effective performance management and work success!

The annual goal setting exercise for Executive and Administrative personnel has commenced, and staff together with reporting managers, are collaborating to set department/team priorities and individual goals for the year ahead.

With the launch of the new Cloud HR System CHRS (pronounced as “cheers”), staff can look forward to enhanced features that will improve their goal setting experience and performance appraisal via the Goals and Performance (G&P) module. The G&P process is designed to encourage a holistic approach to performance review, guided by principles centred around the need for greater organisational alignment. The process also aims to create a work culture driven by a fair and equitable process, as well as encourage a more open and transparent performance feedback in the spirit of continuous improvement.

Sharon Hoe, Co-Project Lead at the Office of Human Resources (OHR), observed that the G&P process establishes a shared understanding between staff and their reporting managers on what needs to be achieved, i.e. the goals and key performance indicators, as well as the desired behaviours around the NUS core values.

“With the feedback and achievement feature, staff are able to receive performance-related feedback from their managers and peers throughout the year,” Sharon explained. Other than regularly recognising staff achievements and contributions to the organisation, the process also promotes continuous learning and development.

The upcoming mobile access feature enables staff to request for feedback from their reporting managers and the colleagues they have worked with. They can also choose to link feedback to an achievement, and the feedback will be auto-populated into the year-end performance appraisal form. Similarly, they can input achievements against goals, and request for feedback based on the achievements anytime, anywhere.

Soon Kian Yong, Co-Project Lead at OHR, shared that to ease staff into the new system, an inventory of support resources such as quick reference guides and video demos, guidelines and FAQs, and a process overview video guide are provided. “Moving forward, we will also offer timely access to online courses and trainings to build relevant skills in goal setting, feedback and performance appraisal,” Kian Yong affirmed.

Staff who have used the G&P module on CHRS were pleased and enthusiastic about the new CHRS system, and shared their comments with insideNUS.

“The system is definitely very comprehensive. The goals are ‘live’ and can be changed as we progress over the year. This is helpful as we may need to adjust our goals. The feature of cascading goals to the team is useful when seeking feedback on achievements,” said Suresh Punjabi, Deputy Director at SCALE.

“I was very impressed by the clear instructions and guidelines, the excellent visualisation charts, as well as the adequate support materials provided,” said Kim-Chew Ah Too, Principal Librarian at NUS Library.

G&P, the first CHRS module to roll out, has seen over 2,000 unique logins from 5,500 E&A employees within the first month after it was launched. To date, more than 2,200 staff have set goals in the CHRS system.


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