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Who to Contact?

Type of Issues/Enquiries Point-of-Contact
Academic Plan Application & Declaration (APAD) Issues (only applicable for UG and GD students) ModReg Help Desk (during ModReg Exercise only)

Hotline: 6516-5860
9:00am - 6:00pm (Mon to Thurs)
9:00am - 5:30pm (Fri)

Alternatively, you may submit an online ModReg Enquiries Form here.

ModReg Access
Clean Slate Transfer (only applicable for UG students)
Class and Exam Timetable Issues

Module Host related
List of the Faculty/School/Department/Programme Contact
- Undergraduate Students
- Graduate Students
- Non-graduating Students
- Continuing & Professional Education Students

For Module Host related enquiry, contact the module host departments.
(Tip: To identify the Module Host of a module, visit NUSMods and search the module and department info. E.g. For CS1010, module host is Computer Science, School of Computing (SoC).
For some modules, ModReg matters are solely managed by Dean’s Office. E.g. Computer Science department contact is not found. Hence, contact Dean’s Office of SoC via

For Home Faculty/School/Department/Programme related enquiry, contact the faculty/school/department/programme administrators.
(E.g. If you are from Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), you may contact Dean’s Office of FASS. If you are enrolled in a specific programme, E.g., Graduate Research (Sociology), contact Sociology department via

For NG students, submit workload related enquiry to, quoting full name and NUS student ID (starts with A).
Module-related (e.g. pre-requisites/co-requisites/preclusions, admin allocation, vacancies, etc.)

Home Faculty/School/Department/Programme related
Curriculum or Degree/ Programme Requirements
Seniority/Course Code
ModReg Allocation Outcomes Refer ModReg Schedule for module allocation outcome release dates. ModReg Central Team will also send email & SMS to inform students when outcomes are released.
ModReg Appeal Outcomes Students to check from "Submit Appeals/Inquiries" page @ ModReg.
For any follow-up, contact Appeal Approvers of the respective appeal type as mentioned in Appeal Timeline.
LumiNUS Issues Contact CIT Help Desk here.
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